‘The Magicians’ will have a third season on SyFy


We have now entered fully into the stage in order to know the future is definitive of our favorite series, since there are going to clarify what you will do with them of the face of the upfronts in may. Has now been SyFy that has remained your bet by the continuity by the majority of its fictions to renew ‘The Magicians’ for a third season.

The renewal comes at a time when there is hardly an episode to the end of the second season, so fans can breathe easy if they are with some sort of cliffhanger next week -the final episode is broadcast next April 19-. Then we will have to wait until 2018 to see new chapters of this adaptation of the novels of Lev Grossman.

What does seem clear is that we never should have had reasons to doubt its continuity, as the second season of ‘The Magicians’ has improved by 15% in the ratings compared to the previous, quite an achievement in a scenario in which almost the entirety of the series trademark data to the low -if to ¡The Walking Dead! did numbers not seen for several seasons now!-.

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‘The Magicians’ will have a third season on SyFy
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