‘The man in your life’ will be the replacement of ‘Tell Me’ to Thursdays


Yesterday a farewell season of the great veterans of national fiction. ‘Tell Me’ takes many years with us that it is hard to imagine that those responsible for TVE decide not to renew . Although that is, neither more nor less, the situación living in these times, with turbulent times in which issues come into play beyond the merely television.

Well, anyway, life goes on, and TVE and It has parts for Grupo Ganga series. In this case, scheduled the premiere of a ficcfión of which took quite some time hearing about, is called ‘ The man in your life’ and has, as its main hook, the comedian Jose Mota . This is a family comedy from those designed to reach all public


Other actors are Malena Alterio, Norma Ruíz or Paco Tous. The plot of ‘The man in your life’ tells the life of Hugo a middle-aged man who has to reconvert their future when you run out of work. So accept the peculiar job offers his sister. Work for an agency contacts to mislead clients who is the man in their lives

The production, work DLO Productions, has eight chapters for which many popular faces appear on the national scene. Yes, ‘The man in your life’ is not going to be easy against their rivals. Above all, the reality of Telecinco is seen as the hardest nut to crack, a “ Survivors ‘yesterday added 26% of the share.

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‘The man in your life’ will be the replacement of ‘Tell Me’ to Thursdays
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May 20, 2016

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