‘The Mandalorian’: why episode 7 is the best of the series of ‘Star Wars’ (until now)

'The Mandalorian': why episode 7 is the best of the series of 'Star Wars' (until now)

sometimes, clinging to the tracks is not so bad. ‘The Mandalorian‘ is the example of a series purely nostalgic is uniting fans faced of ‘Star Wars‘. As a test, your episode 7 is still being considered the best of the series. Returning characters that have already appeared, and with already established relationships the characters interact with fluency in a story full of important events.

The Reckoning‘ will avoid some of the problems that had begun to affect the latest installments in the series of Disney +. There is a premise attractive and high-risk, and the episode presents the elements of ‘Star Wars‘ instantly recognisable without resorting to the constant complacency of nostalgia that had been present in many of the episodes. The characters are enjoyable, compelling, and face each other with respect.

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In search of the Baby Yoda lost

Directed by Deborah Chow and written by Jon Favreau, in the seventh episode, Controller receives a message of Greef, the leader of the bounty hunter that is alive and now is supposedly on the side of Control, planning to bring down to the Client. Again appears Brawler Dear Dune as support and Kuill to take care of the Baby Yoda. But plan not go as expected. Control continues to have a certain chemistry platonic with the Face, which seems one of the few people that seems to feel comfortable.

Kuill is the classic cliché fatherly, who was the ally and mentor of Control and what is Yoda, and in addition, knows more about the force of what we could see at the beginning. He is the prototype Obi-Wan Kenobi and the action combined of Nick Nolte and Misty Roses makes the small alien is convincing and endearing. The restoration of the droid Taika Waititi emphasizes the awkward and relearning of the droids to work, which shows us the patience of Kuill as the core of his character and part of what makes it so charming.

This character contrasts with the clumsy and cruel mercenaries in the previous episode and connects so tender with the small Yoda, whose powers in the force are growing, entering the same order that appears in the ‘Star Wars Episode IX: The rise of skywalker‘ (Rise of the Skywalker, 2019). The use of force in this character, yes, that is still colliding with the original magic, in which the force was something learned, capacity of connection with the universe and not a superpower is genetic without a shred of spirituality or mystic.

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Cliffhanger heart-stopping

The dialog is functional and classic ‘Star Wars’, with characters who often ask questions in order to explain possible holes with the actors doing the lines to work, with Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano elevating the script thanks to an involvement with his characters, but the highlight, as always are his scenes of action in which some are more routine than usual, except for a night attack from creatures similar to dragons that reminiscent of the saga of Riddick. But, then, whywhy he is being so well rated episode?

we have Already mentioned the recovery of two of the best characters, all together. But, in the first place, the reason is that it forms part of the a final double, a climax that will end up in the chapter 8. This makes the whole have a different attitude and the plot is more determinant. On the other hand, there are revelations. Especially that the client is not the big bad, but a new character to the Moff Gideon Giancarlo Esposito, proving again that the best thing is to do as the villain. is Gideon responds to the archetype of the Empire, an elegant version and more lethal of a bounty hunter. Your presence is what makes the episode truly exciting.


With the great conflict against the team together, we have created the true atmosphere of a western prior to a large duel, and as things get steep at the maximum in the twist final. One of the advantages is that the series is not extended more than necessary and maintains its tone adventurer without trying to cover more than you should. That said, I can also see the threads that make many episodes not differ much from the television of other times, the least prestigious of the tv, with heroes on missions to the style ‘Star Trek‘ or ‘Hercules‘.

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‘The Mandalorian’: why episode 7 is the best of the series of ‘Star Wars’ (until now)
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December 21, 2019

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