‘The Ministry of Time’ and winks to the viewer

‘The Ministry of Time’ and winks to the viewer
Note : Beware, there are spoilers of chapter one

Bravo and alive. Ayer returned ‘The Ministry of Time’ that series that has achieved some fortunately have realized that in Spain are also known to make good series. And we must admit, we are excited not only by once again enjoy the adventures of the characters created by the Olivares brothers, but also because the audience, oh what a fright, this time accompanied, and that 14.6% and those almost three million viewers know like heaven.

we do not want to talk about hearings or focus on an analysis start. This will leave for a little later. To whet your appetite with this great series we are going to focus on one of its main ingredients that have a lot of guilt to have found a perfect balance between tones: the epic, drama, thriller, historical and comedian. And are all those winks that adorn the chapters and make us enjoy more of each sequence


Velázquez and ‘Terminator’

One of the characters that brings us to this kind of winks is Velázquez, who gives life Julián Villagrán. The writers curled the curl causing the author of ‘Las Meninas’ paint a picture in which the character of Julian appears characterized as Terminator. we do not lose that cinephile debate Entrerríos and Velázquez , wherein the first ensures that the film is not bad, but it’s fantastic and Velázquez apostilla that the best is both. To make matters worse, we visit both a very interesting quote: a conference on ‘Velazquez and the Golden Age of Spanish Army’ and a final farewell. ‘Sayonara, baby’ is the ultimate cherry

‘The Ministry of Time’ and winks to the viewer

the Ministry Time ‘is a series well done, inter alia, because it has sufficient intelligence to laugh at herself, flushing action while it seems that winks the viewer, who never forgets. Your desire to make him share are always present , as in that other time when Salvador fantasizes about the possibility that a television series were done, an idea that defenestra with a resounding “Just thinking about it my stomach “.

Instructive and rowdy

the series of TVE knows how to use his hooligan tone to let us pearls of all kinds. In the last chapter, he toyed with the idea that El Cid was an impostor, a man of the twentieth century, an agent of the Ministry. See the Cid studying the ‘Song of the Cid’ was pretty funny, like all the praise that the collection of warriors who had the opportunity to see together engaged and, of course, the references to DNA , which looked like the Holy Grail made flesh.

Although certainly one of the preferred sequences of any viewer was held starring the same Charlton Heston. I do not know why, I do not think this actor will fall too well the team writing the series. Ask about rifles in the Middle Ages or the relationship between El Cid and Columbus came to exemplify the ignorance that part of American history have persons any subject they care very little. Something that Menéndez Pidal, his interlocutor, not believe, as we resume the phrase: “This man, if born simpler, born botijo”

The query. madness

‘The Ministry of Time’ and winks to the viewer

Any time is good to insert a joke or a reference to the more astute viewers. Some of them had with this subplot was almost comical in consultation Julian spent all kinds of personajes Historic . Blas de Lezo , a man with many physical problems, only have to worry about your stress, it’s fun.

Not to mention one of the most applauded winks At night, the appearance of David Sainz, “the Black” of ‘Hustler’ . He played a warrior faced the Romans, which speaks of bad life forms in this very difficult period, and love of colleagues, who are the most important. A very nice tribute but a series of prime time for a piece of webserie which, like all who live on the Internet, do not have easy.

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‘The Ministry of Time’ and winks to the viewer
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‘The Ministry of Time’ and winks to the viewer
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