‘The Ministry of Time’ pauses after returning to the starting team and pointing an interesting change

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Notice spoiler : This is a review of the eight first episodes of the second season of ‘the Ministry of time’, may be details of the story.

Spanish officials time have been on vacation. ‘The Ministry of Time’ announced in the last five chapters of the second season are awaiting a release date, marking the small arc on The Last of the Philippines and the return of Julian as this indefinite hiatus before closing. The second batch of historical adventures of Amelia, Alonso and the new, Pacino had the difficult task of living up to a debut season that had generated a legion of fans and supporters faithful.

overwhelming the success of the series profiles younger age, in the most involved with networks and online content in seriéfilos called and, ultimately, in a public that Spanish Television it costs a lot to attract (and keep). It is a phenomenon that have embraced and encouraged its leaders, offering modern initiatives that others still do not value such as realidad Virtual , the webseries and other online content or real leverage social networks for establish direct communication with followers


all this is more than commendable and wanted to leave it on the table before entering the actual content of ‘the Ministry of Time’, because without good characters and storylines all this parallel world is not going anywhere . the absence of Rodolfo Sancho: In February a season that faced a difficult first premiered. Compensate for the absence of a protagonist is never easy, especially in a story where the chemistry and dynamics between the main trio is the backbone of history.

Pacino, the substitute who ate Julian


Amelia, Julian Alonso and were well designed and constructed as characters themselves, but mostly had a great balance as a team , and the temporary historical universe of the series was part of that harmony. And what we fear viewers (and creators) to touch us something that works. But blessed change. Pacino has been such a breath of fresh air (in a series that still oozed oxygen from every pore) has injected its energy to other elements.

Needless to say, it is something very personal, but Julian was playing at a disadvantage by being a character whose conflict (and attitude) was mostly dramatic . His moral about the power of having time on your hands to change past misfortunes was most interesting emotional level in the first season, and as a result the character was (is) very intense dilemmas (and I sieso as himself).

Find a randy substitute, hooligan and more carefree has been a success, especially because the story did not run to give a dramatic posed with the story of his father, but also move avoided all chapters when resolved to the time Machine , the episode of Jesus’ presentation “Pacino” Mendez. The character will not only will the hair to Hugo Silva but he succeeds in giving a character very enjoyable playful chop.

More comedy


He said that the freshness of Pacino had infected the rest of the story is that this second season has been a considerable increase in their level of comedy. It has always been full of references, raunchy funny moments and games result of confusion and clashes between different times of history; however this season we have enjoyed so crazy episodes as Napoleon (more missions for Angustias!), the equivocation with El Cid or all thespians adventures from the sale of Don Quixote, one homenaje precious Cervantes.

The scripts have used the comic potential even more characters like ** Anguish, Velázquez and especially Salvador **, but the great success was that comic duo formed Pacino and Alonso , two guys with a lot of chemistry from the first moment you have given us funny situations as roommates while we passed friendship that was developed between the two. Pacino, incidentally, has also been a significant presence for the other characters in their arch transformation , since his personality has made was giving nudges Alonso and Amelia out of their areas comfort.

the quality eats the bug

a recurring criticism of some followers of ‘the Ministry of time’ has to do with the plot complications involving time travel . I always defend most since the existence of the paradoxes is inherent, necessary and even desirable, for me in these stories ; however, the problem comes when we are faced with inconsistencies.

A fantasy and science fiction series has total freedom to create their rules to fit their purposes . It is usual that will expand as the universe grows, but the danger is violating those guidelines that you yourself have generated. Personally I squeaks a lot when they receive messages from past Ministries (taking into account the explanation itself that gave the series on “the future”) or when the outcome of the override has different effects depending on what interests, among other examples. There are also small details that do not fit ; those moments, old suspects in fiction in general, where you stop and ask yourself but why? [1]


But as identify serious or silly, I never clouding the series; and has nothing to do with that argument by some that when Spanish is forgiven more. I not cloud the enjoyment that ‘The Ministry of Time’ is a series that works with love in his characters , which creates a character and life to every person who crosses the lives of the protagonist trio . And care for each child.

Episodic have their universe, connecting with the audience and come to move despite its ephemeral presence. Each frame, each fact or historical character and every moment is also reflected sensitivity and subtlety in characters whose emotional journey is the linchpin of the entire series. Especially at its core, Amelia , which excels in all this, since their dismay know their end is always levitating over them -except, as she says, when it is concentrated on a mission-.

We’ll see how that change on the tombstone, apparently driven by night about Pacino, affects their daily lives and their relationship with Julian. In the end, they, those who work to protect history, do not really know what factors and decisions are affecting yours .

I have a special place for ‘The Ministry of Time’ . It is one of the fictions that most currently enjoy and one of the most effective in getting to connect with his characters, his adventures, his tone, his espíritu referential and critical; with his universe. And it is of the few that brings me laughter. When you say that again?

[1] For example, when Alonso going to the Philippines to rescue Julian and comes when they are already under siege. By unpredictable that were the boats that take you there, had plenty of time .

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‘The Ministry of Time’ pauses after returning to the starting team and pointing an interesting change
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April 6, 2016

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