The Mogul Project and Area 51: UFOs to fool the Soviet Union

The Mogul Project and Area 51: UFOs to deceive the Soviet Union

dig a little deeper into the mystery of Roswell Incident explaining Project Mogul, a secret mission that was intended to spy if he had atomic explosions in Soviet Union.

On July 4, 1947, the rancher William W. “Mack” Brazel was with his wife and children to look more closely at a number debris located about 50 miles north of Roswell, in the state of New Mexico. These remains were it located near a water tank in which the sheep came to drink, so the whole family went to collect the remains consist of “strips of rubber, foil, sticks and hard paper” as described a posteriori the Brazel own. After hearing several stories explaining seeing a “flying saucers” in the vicinity, Brazel began to wonder if that was what he had found, so he contacted the local Sheriff Wilcox explaining what he had found.

The next day came to the farm Brazel several US military under the command of Major Jesse Marcel RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) seeking these radicals to seize them and bring them back to the military base in Roswell for investigation. This is the beginning of what is known as the Roswell Incident , supposedly one of the largest cover-ups of alien encounters in history, and that turned Roswell place of pilgrimage for millions of supporters of the conspiracy of UFOs.

 Home Roswell Daily Record of July 8, 1947, announcing the capture of a

Home Roswell Daily Record of July 8, 1947, announcing the capture a “flying disk”. Fuente.

Too bad all that was a big lie

To begin to understand this deception, we must remember the historical context of this fact. 1947, two years after completion World War II and the US and the Soviet Union in the early Cold War, based on distrust and paranoia between the two superpowers. At that time, the US had greater tactical advantage due to its possession of nuclear weapons created during the Manhattan Project, but the Soviet equivalent ( Operation Borodino ) it was close to achieve results, and the Americans needed to know when USSR would have atomic weapons.

Image of Project Mogul, prior to a test launch. [Source] (

Image of Project Mogul, prior to a test launch. Source.

Because of this need to know the Soviet nuclear arsenal, Project Mogul was approved in 1947 The Project Mogul was in theory elegantly simple and effective. The Americans deployed a series of unmanned spy balloons would be able to reach impressive heights in order to capture sounds by atomic explosions in Soviet territory. Thus, Americans could learn a secret the first atomic test without risking lives of pilots or risk a . international incident

The Project Mogul is no exception: the U-2 project was discovered after the demolition of one of those planes in the Soviet Union

<. p> The problem came when they were testing prototype No.4 left the perimeter of test set and just crashing, and later his remains were found earlier by William Brazel before by the US military. The army high command was very uneasy: the press had picked up the story with strangers rubble of neoprene and light metals, and continuing research and end up revealing everything about Project Mogul, so from early had to deny their involvement directly in the incident.

And just when everything seemed about to end horribly wrong for the administration of Harry S. Truman , a miracle occurred in form of absurd and unexpected conclusion: the press deduced that those remains were from an extraterrestrial source much more advanced technologically than the human race, and the military denied any involvement on the remains that were covering the general population contact with aliens and researching materials saucer in the Area 51 , a secret area of ​​military development at the Edwards Base.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

Lockheed SR-71, developed in 51. Area Source .

United States Air Force took this course of events and quickly took control of the story of the little green men, since was more interested in the world to believe that UFOs had landed in the desert of New Mexico , rather than to inform all a secret project whose purpose was to spy on a former ally. Thus, the intelligence services were making false leaks where alien contacts, spacecraft recovered and even a mysterious Hangar 18 detailing at the airbase Wright-Patterson where the government retained alien bodies on ice.

However, the project was abandoned before that the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb in August 1949. However, Project Mogul remained classified until the 1990s, when Congressman Steven Schiff launched a campaign to declassify all information relating to the incident. Finally, was the SECAF (Secretary of the Air Force) Sheila Widnall, who declassified all information on UFO incident Roswell in 1994 and authorized to talk to anyone who knew anything. The myth about the Roswell Incident eventually gave way to reality.

 Roswell UFO Museum. Almost 70 years later, the city continues to receive tourists who believe that Roswell was something else. [Source ] (,_New_Mexico#mediaviewer/File:Roswell_UFO_Museum.jpg).

Roswell UFO Museum. Almost 70 years later, the city continues to receive tourists who believe that Roswell was something else. Fuente.

However, despite already knowing the truth, many believe that this is simply a manufactured excuse and that the US has truly aliens hidden by their airbases. In my opinion, it’s too coincidental that sightings of flying saucers always occur next to military bases and in Area 51, the Aztec Incident next to the Los Alamos laboratory or in Rendlesham Incident in England. So next time you see something like a UFO, first looks if any nearby military base . May be testing a military plane next generation


The Mogul Project and Area 51: UFOs to fool the Soviet Union
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March 7, 2015

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