The most catastrophic air accidents of history

The most catastrophic air accidents of history

here are the eleven worst aviation disasters. Remember is to be aware of the importance of security measures for aircraft.

Despite the fear of fly suffering from a number of people, we can not stop saying that planes are the safest transport there, for the simple reason that it is the least accidents recorded each year: 2015 was the safest way to travel in plane history year but despite all, of the comprehensive reviews and the extraordinary security measures href=”” aviation accidents occur, either by a mechanical or human failure, as a result of bad weather or a combination of these causes. And what we will see are now major air crashes since we started recording them worldwide from 1945 .

The plane crashes in which more people died

This sad story begins with the disaster of Mount Erebus, which occurred 28 November 1979 when Air New Zealand flight 901 , McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, crashed on Ross island in Antarctica due to the crew was not informed of a change in the coordinates of the flight path the night before the accident, so that the plane was directed by the computer to mount instead of toward McMurdo Sound, as it was supposed to do. This event is the largest catastrophe in peacetime for New Zealand.

major air crashes

Air New Zealand Flight 901 – Independent

it was a scenic flight to Antarctica taking off every morning and flew over Auckland New Zealand for a few hours before returning. The judge presiding over the commission investigating the accident that killed the 257 people on board the aircraft, accused the airline to launch “a litany of orchestrated lies” and bigwigs fell. To remember the victims, in 1987, a stainless steel cross was placed in a close to the scene promontory, then declared a historical monument of Antarctica. The escasísimos plane crashes occur by mechanical failure or human, as a result of bad weather or a combination of these causes

on 11 July 1991, the Nigeria Airways flight 2120 , a Douglas DC -8-61, he left the north of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, bound for Nigeria Sokoto. His tires were so overheated that caught fire shortly after takeoff. The fire reached the cargo, which caused problems, why the crew attempted to return to the airport of departure hydraulic systems. But the fire spread and the plane ended up hurtling off the track before arriving, and 261 people died for it.

The Flight 140 of China Airlines , an Airbus A300, which had taken off from the Taiwanese city of Taipei to the Nayoga Japanese on April 26, 1994 , crashed during an approach routine when the first officer accidentally toggled the TOGA system, boosting throttle position so as to take off. Air speed, mistakes of the pilots to solve the problem and insufficient altitude to correct the situation after this determined the tragedy died 264 passengers of the 271 aboard; href=”” survivors, which initially had been ten had seat between seven and fifteen rows.

major air crashes

American Airlines Flight 587 – Huffingtonpost. com

2 Chicagoans and 5 of New York died with airline passengers who rushed upon them in May 1979 and November 2001 Only one minute after having risen from John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport in New York, November 12, 2001, flight 587 of American Airlines , an Airbus A300B4-605R , fell over the district of Queens, died reason 265 people in total, all the other five people who were on land occupants. The cause? The copilot shattered the vertical stabilizer because he had been trained to press the directional rudder sharply if turbulence serious wake, when the pedals of the Airbus were too sensitive to endure.

But it was not only time a plane killed someone to fall on you in a serious accident, two Chicagoans died May 25, 1979 , adding 273 people overall, when the Douglas DC-10-10 of American Airlines flight 191 crashed into a trailer park half a minute after takeoff because of an engine failure left wing and vulnerabilities in the design of certain systems response device.

275 died to be stamped Ilyushin II-76MD of the Iranian Air Force on February 19, 2003 , about thirty-five kilometers southeast of Kerman, where he was en route from Zahedan. It is assumed that the cause was pilot error by bad weather, but we have very little information about this calamity. 301 people died in a fire in his plane when he had landed in the city Saudi Jeddah in August 1980

the event occurred 19 August 1980 the Saudia flight 163 , a Lockheed L-1011-200 TriStar, it may be the most horrible: the cargo had caught fire in the air, the fire had been extended by the plane, ultimately causing problems in one engine, and having landed in the Saudi city of Jeddah from Karachi, Pakistan, firefighters could not get inside because they could not stop the engines and the doors would not open due to fire damage in the wiring. When I was possible, their 301 occupants had already perished

 major air crashes

Saudia Flight 163 –

Ermenonville air disaster took place in French forests of the name 3 March 1974 when Turkish Airlines flight 981 , a DC-10-10 which was the Turkish Istanbul to Paris, rushed there because of a chain reaction: the compartment door load suddenly opened up in the air because they had closed badly, causing a tremendous decompression ruptured the fuselage, expulsion of some passengers in their seats, They were found in a field of turnips fifteen kilometers from Ermenonville, and disable the wiring of the aircraft that made the pilots perdiesen control it completely. 346 people died in that disaster. In November 1996, two planes collided at 14,000 feet above the Indian village of Charkhi Dadri, and killed 346 people

12 November 1996 it happened the Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision: flight 1907 Kazakhstan Airlines , an Ilyushin Il-76 it was traveling from the Kazakhstani Shymkent for New Delhi, capital of India, is incredibly hit with flight 763 of Saudi Arabian Airlines , a Boeing 747-168B, which was on its way from the Saudi Dhahran New Delhi itself. The crash occurred on the Indian village of Charkhi Dadri and how could it be otherwise, the 349 people that added both passages were killed for it. It was later determined that the flight 1907 had dropped to 14,000 feet or less when the control tower had assigned 15,000.

The Japan Airlines Flight 123 , a Boeing 747- SR46, crashed into the top of Mount Takamagahara on August 12, 1985 when he went from Tokyo to Osaka. In June 1978 had damaged the rear pressure bulkhead landing in Itami and conveniently not repaired, and 12,319 journeys later lost it in midair that summer day, breaking the four hydraulic lines and preventing the crew govern the aircraft. But four women who had to be rescued, 520 people remaining aboard died the .

major air crashes

Tenerife airport disaster –

plane crash that most human beings have perished since records was Los Rodeos. On 27 March 1977, the flight PAA 1736 flight Pan Am , a Boeing 747-121, and KLM flight 4805 , a Boeing 747-206B, both Gran Canaria bound, they hit against each other at the time of takeoff at Tenerife airport. Both had been diverted there with many others when Gran Canaria was closed after an attack from the Canary Islands Independence Movement in which a bomb. The plane crash in which more people have died since records began was that of Los Rodeos, in March 1977, with 583 deaths

the thick fog that could not see the runway from the control tower, the lack of preparation the small airport of Los Rodeos to manage such number of flights, with one runway and only two air traffic controllers being Sunday, and several indiscretions pilot KLM 4805 formed a deadly cocktail for this, and in the air, hit the top of the PAA 1736 with its nose, he uprooted the roof of the cabin and deck area passengers and two engines shook the plane and ended up instantly with the lives of almost all who were in the rear.

the KLM 4805 continued to fly a little, fell about 150 meters from where it had collided with the PAA 1736, about 300 meters moved down the runway and burst into flames as already it had happened to the other aircraft. They died in the fire 248 people aboard the KLM and 335 of the 380 who were on board the PAA 1736, nine of them not at the time: in total, 583 dead in an accident air of this caliber, like the others, we do not want that ever occurring again.


The most catastrophic air accidents of history
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April 2, 2016

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