The most difficult puzzle in the world

The most difficult puzzle in the worldIf you like riddles and logic games, you can not spend a day without knowing what is the most difficult of all puzzle. Then I tell her story.

If you like riddles and logic games, you can not spend a day without knowing what is the most difficult of all puzzl...

One of the biggest entertainment lovers mathematical and logic games are puzzles, which also tend to arouse much respect of the profane by the intelligence shows both those who pose as, and especially, of the resolve. No wonder one of the most notorious villains fighting against the popular superhero Batman is called Enigma, or the way in which the genius of the star of the movie Good Will Hunting (Gus van Sant is revealed 1996) is solving a complicated problem on a blackboard  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or the mathematical John Nash posed to the same MIT students in A Beautiful Mind (Ron Howard, 2001) a problem “that some take months to resolve; others, however, need the rest of his life. ”

Two guards in a maze and three gods without identity

However, the film that came to me at the head when I read about “the world’s hardest logic puzzle”, the philosopher and mathematician George Boolos, which coincidentally graduated from the same university as Nash and also lectured at MIT, was none of these two or some adaptation of Batman comics in which Edward Nygma appears, but Myth youth Labyrinth (Jim Henson, 1986), whose leading lady, look what, is Jennifer Connelly, who played Alicia Nash in Ron Howard’s film. trabazón a whole life, film and mathematics that would have crazy, pardon at the same John Nash in his bad times

Matches other, there A scene from Jim Henson, great puppeteer, in which Sarah Connelly must face a conundrum that is raised by a variant of Boolos: the young Sarah encounters two guards paths front doors, one of which leads “to the castle beyond the Goblin City” and the other “certain death”; and you must find out which one is which by asking a question to one of the guards, with disappointment that one of the two lying and one tells the truth. Sarah scores well off the hook with the question: “Did I say he [the other guard] that this door leads to the castle?”. Ved reason in the scene itself; and I apologize for the dubbing.

With all this I want to clarify that while it is possible that you have not even heard of this mathematical or his puzzle, in reality, especially if you lived your childhood or youth like myself in the 80s, it is yes probably may know him by this film. But Boolos raised it this way: “Three Gods, A, B, and C, are called, in some order, True, False, and Random. Expressing truth always speaks the truth, False always speaks expressing something false, but Random response is completely random and can be true or false. Your task is to determine the identities of A, B, and C performing three questions whose answer is other or not ; each question must be made to a single god. The gods understand the Castilian, but The riddle is to determine the identity of three gods, one sincere, another liar and a variable, asking questions will answer all questions in their own language, in which words for other and not are da and en , in any order. You do not know what meaning is associated with each word. ” He also provided several clarifications to facilitate the task, which are merely deductions above.

However, Boolos published his logic puzzle in The Harvard Review of Philosophy in 1996 although four years earlier had appeared in the newspaper La Repubblica , and made clear that credit for authorship of it is the also a mathematician Raymond Smullyan, since multiple puzzles like this we owe to him, and computer scientist John McCarthy with the added difficulty of not knowing the meaning of your answers in the divine language. Reach the successful conclusion requires one of those reflections and logical calculations that we admire both the layman, but we can simplify it, because what you have to do is get True or False ask what follows: “If I make such a question, you answer en . And it will be if the real answer is yes, and answer da if negative. So, if you propose above stating that the solution is simple or straightforward, as academic Brian Rabern and Landon Rabern, University of California, and we can exasperate or will we remove the shoulders of the front door. MIT door, verily; to follow the logical chain of matches.


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