The Moto G6 Plus beginning to receive Android Walk

The Moto G6 Plus beginning to receive Android Footer

The Moto G6 Plus was presented with his brothers in April of last year with Android Oreo in the interior but due to receive the update to the next version of Android as soon as out best possible. That update to the Android Foot is already coming, at least in India.

So what announces an extensive support page Motorola India, detailing each and every one of the new that come with the new version, if you are the what’s new Android Foot and not apps of its own, or layer of Motorola (which is equal to there are also, but not detailed).

Pie for Motorola

The update to Android Foot begins to get to the Bike G6 Plus for five months after the official release, although as is the panorama, is not the thing to complain about. In the field itself, Motorola has just updated its Android terminals One: Bike One and Bike X4.

This Bike G6 Plus is the first Motorola out of the program Android One that receives the Android Foot, though before that massacres the button to check for updates, this information is of Motorola India. In the official information of updates from Motorola to Spain, or even appear of the Bike G6 in any of its variants (which is probably an error).

Be that as it may, Android Foot begins to step on land of Motorola and although they didn’t arrive today, definitely is closer than ever. After this Moto G6 Plus Android is expected to Walk to reach the Bike G6 normal, although the paths of the updates for Android are inscrutable.

To upgrade, make sure you have at least a 50% battery, go to System – system Updates and tap Download and Install (if you already listed the update). You will need to restart to complete the installation.

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The Moto G6 Plus beginning to receive Android Walk
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January 2, 2019

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