The Movistar be symmetrical 300Mbps

The 300Mbps Movistar be symmetrical

Movistar wants to supply fiber reference speed and symmetric fiber deployment.

In the twenty-ninth meeting of Santander Telecommunications Gilpérez president Telefonica was very clear in its objectives: “we will bring fiber all the houses.”

In addition Movistar become his offer 300Mbps in a symmetrical offer the same speed up and down , becoming the possible reference offer in the near future thanks to speed and number of connected households. Gilpérez said that will “97% of households Fiber 2020” said “we will bring fiber to 500 people to cities.”

Orange and Jazztel and offered symmetry, but the first major operator has taken the step. Will you respond Vodafone in Spain and enjoy junction reference in Europe?


The Movistar be symmetrical 300Mbps
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September 3, 2015

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