The new Android Auto and Google Assistant, a perfect marriage

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Google I / O 2016 served for the Mountain View company restructured some of its current projects , among which is Android Auto . This “adaptation” of the operating system focused on the automotive sector was only available to a small number of vehicles, although some manufacturers like Audi, Kia or Ford plans to expand maintain this figure in the coming years on their own. So far.

Because Google has decided to change its strategy and rethink the future of Android Auto, opening all cars although most are not compatible . That is, simply will soon have a phone or tablet with Android and the Android Auto to perform all its functions.

It does not matter how old is your vehicle in the next update the only requirement will be to match your device in a holder. And it can improve even more

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How does Android Auto

To be clear, Android Auto is no specific automotive version as it’s Android Wear in the field of smart watches. It is a application that serves as a complement between the vehicle itself and our terminal . It is not independent; not until you get the update to open it to everyone.

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So you can run Android Auto currently need, plus a compatible car, a device with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher connected via USB. This leaves out older models and today still account for a large percentage of the fleet.

Google Now is the mainstay of Android Auto because lets you run apps with just a few voice commands.

Your main function is to adapt the interface of Android to a much simpler so it can be handled loudly. Google Now is the mainstay of Android Auto that allows you to run apps with a few voice commands, answer a call, view and reply to a message WhatsApp, say that this song is played or choose the direction to which we want to go on Google Maps

As you can read, Android Auto is merely an intermediary between smartphone and your car. there is nothing you can not do without it is not implemented natively Android, though no doubt that extra simply avoids having to touch too mobile screen

as for supported applications, they are divided into three groups:. maps, messaging and music . The problem is that beyond Maps, Play Music, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Spotify and some more, the list of available programs is still very low. That is the key to its expansion to all types of vehicles, with the upcoming expansion of Android Auto, more developers start trying to adapt their apps against a much wider potential market.

What’s new premiered later?

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As we read in Xataka, one of the most important developments will be the implementation of the magic phrase “OK Google” . So, will no longer be required to touch the microphone to insert a voice command, suffice to say the previous sentence and our terminal we already recognize it automatically.

The next big introduction will be to Waze , the successful assistant road supported by the community, which warns us of accidents, the current traffic or roadworks reported by users. He will next iteration voice and universal Android Auto.

With regard to so-called smart cars, Qualcomm bet to introduce their processors inside them. The importance of Google Now will be even greater in the new versions, with a complete map of all the features of more detailed vehicle. Finally, manufacturers such as Hyundai or Honda will launch their own apps for Android Auto.

Google Assistant and how it can improve the Android Auto

concept Another of the stars of Google I / O 2016 was Google Assistant , Google Now evolution that promises to provide a true artificial intelligence searches. For some time, its most direct competitors already had complete virtual assistants, Cortana in the case of Microsoft and Siri in Apple.

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the arrival of Google Android Assistant to the world, promises to integrate a conversational component that will change the way contact with your phone. That is, if you get an email where you have been invited to an event, the phone will warn us with this information and telling us if we go or not, he answering for us. All you could do a virtual assistant’s hand Google.

This added to Android Auto, component would be a very significant improvement with respect to their abilities . Especially for people who spend a lot of time on the road: to speak to Google Assistant to organize your schedule, write an email, view your upcoming events, search times for a particular session at the cinema or find specific information . It would be much safer for circulation, and all with a way to interact more natural.

Personally, Auto think Android has much to polish . The idea is fine, and the fact that in the near future can be used in any car seems to me the best thing Google could have done, but still needs to improve. The introduction of “OK Google” and Waze should have come long ago, and the available applications are still rare. The hypothetical arrival of Google Assistant and dump manufacturers and developers on the platform most certainly boost Android Auto, but I think that Google has a long way to go. We will see its evolution, but is on track.

And for you, what will bring the arrival of Android Auto to any vehicle?

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The new Android Auto and Google Assistant, a perfect marriage
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May 20, 2016

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