The new device of Xiaomi: a cleaner ears with WiFi and camera

Are becoming more and more common products Xiaomi. The chinese brand has exported mobile, robot vacuum cleaners, smarwatch and even cups of water smart, but has now returned to surprise us with a product surprising and that no one expected: a ear cleaning.BeBird M9 Pro is a smart device with WiFi, a small camera and light to be able to make your own endoscopy in the ear. The device can lead to confusion, because it has a certain resemblance with a tooth brush or a ‘cortapelos’ for the nose or the ears.With this apparatus, the user can remove ear wax while, thanks to the camera that is built-in, you can see in real time what is inside. Also includes a gyroscope four axis for that there are no sudden movements.

as you can see on AliExpress, where Xiaomi sells its products as an official, the package of BeBird M9 Pro includes 10 heads soft with various shapes and brushes fine to relax the ear. The battery is 350 mAh and has a duration of 60 days if you are using about 10 minutes per week. All for the modest price of 62,58 eur.
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The new device of Xiaomi: a cleaner ears with WiFi and camera
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November 18, 2019

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