The new guard, Episode 2: the crystal ball in Mountain View

The new guard (II): Ball Crystal Mountain View

The founders and former CEO of Google have given way to a new breed of managers and executives who will have to succeed where his predecessors failed. His new challenges, social management capacity without much intrusion into privacy, and access content that their bots can not.

The New Guard is a series of columns where we see the new batch of new leaders and executives who have reached the most important technology companies. Who are they? Why are they there? What are they doing differently? Their motivations, their history and how new ideas and methods change over the next decade

Roseville Be-what?

 Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt is surely one of the most influential people not only of Silicon Valley, but across the United States. Your continued donations and close ties with the Democratic Party (common among executives Bay). After sitting on the board of Apple for three years, retires – is removed – just when they start disagreements between Google and Apple. Continue with his role as CEO of Google, which two years later would change his position by the President, a job that will allow Schmidt to give much greater importance to its role as a venture capitalist and as a contributor to the Democrats.

The opinions of Schmidt against privacy controls and higher net neutrality make decayed popularity during the last stage before retiring to a secondary position in 2011 as President of Google and later Alphabet Inc.

When it happened the boom the social Internet, Google and Eric were not prepared. I occupied by cataloging the world’s information and despite Orkut, did not see at first glance the rise and importance of personal data hidden behind our users and passwords on social networks. Vic Gundotra, Microsoftie race, and an openly confrontational personality, was commissioned as statements of a former executive of Google , after a campaign of anti-mobbing that Gundotra Facebook Larry Page submitted until the project was given the green light in 2010.

 Bradley Horowitz

Bradley Horowitz

A year later came true Google+, and less than Three years later following the launch of Google+, Gundotra leaves the company. Its functions are responsible to Bradley Horowitz, who immediately dismantling of social services starts to become other independent products such as Google Photos successful, or streams, which remain the heart of Google Plus. – The changes made by Bradley were hailed by media, users and the employees of Google

Not that Google not ‘become aware of the social’ as many attribute to the apparent lack of skills. social of several of its leaders, is that Google is not worth it socially for being social, Google needs to cross these data with others. – How to do it without fail which they failed Schmidt and Gundotra is the main mission of Horowitz

Artillery of the past in the future

 Susan Wojcicki in which garage his house where Google was born.

Susan Wojcicki in which his garage where Google was born.

A level of relevance for the average user, Google made during the beginning of the XXI century two acquisitions of vital importance. YouTube and Android YouTube remain as an independent company, and its new CEO would become Susan Wojcicki, architect of the purchase of the company by Google, after a stage where he converted his previous divisions: AdWords, AdSense, Analytics and DoubleClick, a global advertising giant. In 2014, Wojcicki He was named the most influential person in global advertising by Adweek, and his name was always on the list of most likely candidates for inherit Google.

The other big acquisition was Android, Inc. For just $ 50 million Google bought an operating system and its main founder, Andy Rubin. The New Yorker, avid patentee and former Apple employee in dark times, ended up creating a revolution in the market. Initially raised as a shield to Google about the dominance of Microsoft and Blackberry in the market for PDAs, quickly began a 180 to combat the iPhone. Rubin always had a very strong entrepreneurial spirit, which will Android change led by the emerging robotics division of Google, before ending up leaving the company and founding Playground, an incubator for startups hardware. His position as head of Android would take the then emerging Sundar Pichai.

The weapons for the next decade

Aparna Chennapragada

Aparna Chennapragada

Before the eclipse Web developed countries, where people start to create content mainly in places where Google search engines do not reach for technical reasons, is Aparna Chennapragada leader Google in Google Now which leads the idea that will give continuity and Google Search relevance at the time where the least amount of browser each time. Google Now on Tap is born.

On Tap is a new way that Google has access to content that was out of reach analyzing present information to the user at that time its terminal. Never mind all the walls to put Facebook and the like, Google will use that data to users as an intermediary.

Google Now, and Now on Tap, are the result of a decade of ‘inventions funny ‘of Google that show a company with clear direction -. Every time we gave access to Google Voice to our voice mail, Google algorithms trained so that today make detection command the best market Google . – Each time a Google car taking photographs for Street View, Google secretly trained their autonomous cars from petabytes of photographs of signs, signals and behavior of other drivers. – Do not have Google Now without Google Voice, Google or autonomous car without Street View. Google has been able to see just how well these parts of the future, now this.

The unstoppable Sundar


Sundararajan Pichai was born in the then Madras, South India in the early 70s that the CEO of the company’s stored knowledge of history, was born in an environment with 50% then -levemente literacy above 80% even today- indicates much of the Pichai effort and dedication that had to be kept constant in your life.

Sundar, amateur cricket and son of an electrical engineer in a family of Indian middle class, he spent his childhood sleeping on the living room floor next to his younger brother, no TV, car, or other means that were basic for today are their employees USA -. His father, Regunatha Pichai, influenced the taste of the two brothers by technology, and enrolled at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur where after finishing their studies despite low incomes, was offered a full scholarship to Stanford. – The ticket to California cost her family almost a year’s salary

After Stanford, insatiable, Sundar received an MBA from Wharton.. After a mild stage at McKinsey he joined Google in 2004 to lead the development of native software Google: Chrome, followed by Chrome OS. Sundar gradually increased its range of services under his command. Gmail and Google Maps followed shortly after the release of Android Andy Rubin, followed by Search, Ads, among others, and finally, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO was appointed in the transition of its two founders to the Alphabet matrix.


The new guard, Episode 2: the crystal ball in Mountain View
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September 30, 2015

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