The new SSD Samsung breaks the storage schemes

The new Samsung SSD breaks schemes storage space

After being presented in August, Samsung has finally launched the SSD with more capacity in the market, in models ranging from 480 GB to the stunning 16 GB.

a few months ago we explained the technology that allowed solid state disks (SSD) exceeded capacity hard drives (HDD) traditional mechanical. The secret was that Samsung began producing chips 256 Gbit NAND chips at the time of his presentation were twice dense as far as capacity is refieree. The technology behind this memory were 48 layers with three bits per cell. Now, finally, Samsung already sells the SSD 16 GB PM1633a . Best of all is how we came to several terabytes in HDDs of 3.5 “to 16 TB that do not need external power and fit in the palm of your hand.

According to Samsung, are using 512 chips 256 V-gb NAND, which we saw in your SSD portable renovated at CES. to make it a product that can really use any professional, have improved reliability, promising that every day we can write its 15.36 terabytes of actual capacity faultlessly. the standard SSD drives based on MLC and TLC NAND, for example, can be written between 2 and 10 times less . that there is a figure means it is still not perfect, but it can be trusted well to move large amounts of data.

the 16GB model is the most large range, but within the line of SSD PM133a we have other minor though not desdeñables- as TB 7.68, 3.84 TV 1.92 GB TB and passing, 480 and 960 . They give speeds up 1200 MB / s in sequential read and write . To get an idea of ​​their superiority over HDD performance IOPS random read this SSD is 1000 times higher.

As for the price, we can not talk about a figure, as Samsung yet It not has been provided for any model in the range, but since they are aimed at professionals and premiere technologies, it is safe to mention that cost several thousand euros or dollars. It is the price to be early-adopter in professional solutions.


The new SSD Samsung breaks the storage schemes
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March 3, 2016

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