The Nexus 10 has everything inside Samsung


We knew that the recent Nexus 10 was made out by Samsung, but the guys at Powerbook Medic have exploded the maximum Google’s new tablet and what they found inside is even more revealing. Both battery, processor and flash storage are Samsung components.

Another curious news is that very little glue has been used and most of the unit can be exploded with just a few tools. In any case, the news is that the Nexus 10 is not just another tablet Google Samsung branded above. So if you liked the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the like, assured that the Nexus 10 will love it.

If you want to entertain a while, take a look at all the disassembly process , which is quite entertaining.


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The Nexus 10 has everything inside Samsung
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November 19, 2012

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