The Nokia 1 starts to upgrade to Android Walk (Go Edition)

The Nokia 1 starts to upgrade to Android Walk (Go Edition)

last August, just a few days after Google officially announced Android 9 Foot, Nokia was quick to confirm what would be their first models in the obtaining the update. At the beginning of the year, Juho Sarvikas, product manager, HMD Global, shared on Twitter a roadmap that broadened the number of terminals that would receive the latest version of the OS of Google and showing the estimated dates on which they would arrive.

According to that calendar, the last mobile welcome to Android 9 Foot would be the terminals more modest of the brand (Nokia 3 and Nokia 1) and would do so in the second quarter of the year. Well, Nokia has kept its word and, while the Nokia 3 received the update at the beginning of the month, today it’s the turn of the Nokia 1.

Android Oreo Go to the Android Foot Go

Nokia 1 B

Juho Sarvikas, product manager, HMD, Global, has become to use Twitter as a way to communicate the update to Android 9 Foot of its most affordable model, the Nokia 1. Recall that in this case, as happened with the Nokia 2.1, we talk about a model with Android Go, the trimmed version of the OS of Google for devices with 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM.

it Is, therefore, an upgrade to Android Walk (Go Edition), which takes up less storage space than the version Go Android Oreo (specifically, about 500 MB less), it starts faster than its predecessor, includes a secure boot and has a new control panel to view and control the use of data, in addition to the latest versions, Go to the Google applications.

Bearing in mind that, unlike Android One, Android Go does not guarantee updates to the operating system, it is especially relevant that Nokia has taken the trouble to update their terminals more modest. Above all, because they’re still coming to the market, models with Android Oreo Go.

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The Nokia 1 starts to upgrade to Android Walk (Go Edition)
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June 25, 2019

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