The nostalgia around ‘Oliver and Benji’ is reactive with the trailer of the video game

The children and the (good) old times are associated to the cartoon that was enjoyed then. is In the land of nostalgia, the series of football Oliver and Benji will always occupy a prominent place among the children cultural of the 80’s and 90’s by the love that generates it, is not devoid of humor as he recalled his peculiarities.

The slope has been reactivated by surprise at the announcement of the launch of the video game Captain Tsubasa. Rise of new champions this 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Nintento Switch and PC.

The news and the colorful promotional trailer, with images that refer to the aesthetics encourage recognizable, and that show a match of the japanese team, with several of the key characters, have been enough to bring out our inner child and hope that the proposal comes out soon to the market. Currently, there is not official date. The game comes from the hand of Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe.

Captain Tsubasa. Rise of new champions is part of the arcade and of course includes be able to make shots impossible as the eagle and the tiger. Confirmed the presence of Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Ozora in the original version, hence the title), Benjamin Price and Mark Lenders, Tom Becker, Bruce Arper (indispensable in the center of the rear), Julian Ross (and their heart problems), Phillip Callahan, Patrick Everett, and Clifford Yuma.

In a video posted on the official Twitter account of the game (@CptTsubasaRONC), Yoichi Takahashi, author of the manga that originated the popular anime, notes that since ten years had passed without a video game of the franchise to consoles, and that the parties will be able to intervene up to four players.

The evocation around the ochentera Oliver and Benji, because of many reruns (those magical summers…), flowing through your memorable opening song, the links, the side iconic, the enmities, injuries, the passage of rounds… and yes, also for your way of recreating the shots, the matches that lasted three or four chapters (or half season) and the fields dimensions are almost infinite.

The series, with sequels and a recent reboot, went hand in hand with multitude of ‘urban legends’ about how I had just, but that is another topic.

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The nostalgia around ‘Oliver and Benji’ is reactive with the trailer of the video game
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