The number of youtubers that charge more than 9,000 euros per year goes up 40% in 2019

The content creators in YouTube have improved their revenue by advertising in the last year, and in 2019 has risen by 40 percent the number of ‘youtubers’ who receive more than $ 10,000 per year (9067,60 euros).The figures are provided by the platform for YouTube creators, has also picked up the ‘youtubers‘ with a million or more subscribers, has increased 65 percent in this year with regard to the figures of 2018.With the aim of supporting the creators and artists, YouTube has developed a series of updates to its platform. As explained in a press release, one of the problems that most affects the creators are the copyright, on all claims of ownership in the videos.As a result, YouTube has ceased to allow a few months that the copyright owners of videos or songs to reclaim the monetization of videos that make uses short of these contents. In addition, now you have to claim exactly the parts of the video which has a complaint and they have even included editing tools to delete the content claimed manually from the videos.Another of the updates is that YouTube is relocating to the creators of the new YouTube Studio, abandoning the classic version of Studio. In this new service have included new tools such as control panel, powerful analysis and performance metrics in real-time.To update YouTube Studio have been based on the requests of the users of the platform. The company will be disabling with the passage of time the accounts into a Classic Studio , and for the beginning of next year will be almost all closed.In the referred thing to the publicity, the company is working to gather advertisers that target a specific audience with YouTube accounts that have content that is tailored to your ads.
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The number of youtubers that charge more than 9,000 euros per year goes up 40% in 2019
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November 22, 2019

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