The OPPO R15 Pro and OPPO A3 land in Spain: prices and availability official


We take time talking of this and that is the point of being official. The chinese manufacturer, OPPO, landed officially in Spain as one of your stops of the process of internationalisation that has between hands. OPPO presumed to be in the fourth place in the world ranking manufacturers that more are sold, something he has done without leaving their borders.

For its premiere in Spain, the company has elected to two terminals of mid-range although very different among themselves. We talk about the OPPO R15 Pro, a terminal that flirts with the high end and the OPPO A3, a mid-range spec and price much more restrained. Both already have price and date of departure officers in our country.

Pricing and availability

According to reports the company itself, we will be able to purchase their new handsets from the next day, July 18. Can be purchased in official retailers such as MediaMarkt, FNAC and El Corte Inglés but also with Movistar (we still don’t know even if exclusively as an operator) at a price of 649 euros for the R15 Pro and 299 euros for the A3. OPPO did not confirm if it will be sold on their own website for the Spanish market.

As we said, are the two terminals of very different characteristics. The OPPO R15 Pro is a phone that comes ready to compete directly against ranges higher, with a few specs and premium finish, but that maybe what makes a price too high to what we can find on the market today.

For his part, the OPPO A3 comes with a few specifications more understated and a price is also more competitive within its range. We’ll see what gets reception from the chinese manufacturer in our country during the next few months.

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The OPPO R15 Pro and OPPO A3 land in Spain: prices and availability official
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July 10, 2018

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