‘The other look’ is so evident in your message as effective in its way

another look

There are times that the urge to talk to all the expense of a topic exceeds the planning: we want to release it all, but we do not repair in the how would be the most appropriate way. This happens often in all kinds of fictions, and, in fact, in this 2018 we have had a couple of examples of fairly recent television. One of them is ‘another look‘, the last drama of The 1 TVE.

Set in the 20s, we find ourselves in the Academy for young Ladies of Seville, an institution consecrated to the training of young girls. Manuela (Macarena Garcia), made his debut as a director with a great ímpetú to innovate the method of education created by his mother and inspired by María de Maeztu.

Work will not be easy due precisely to the foundation in the methods and the traditional roles. In these you will reach the new addition of Teresa (Patricia López Arnáiz) as a teacher. A modern woman and not tied to anything that is precisely that point of irreverence and the pursuit of rights that sought to Manuela.

another look

But Teresa keeps a great secret that we see nothing more to begin the series: has been seen with a bloody knife next to the lifeless body of the Spanish ambassador in Lisbon. His portrait starts to circulate and the presumed murderer seems to have some interest for Roberta Moon (Begoña Vargas), one of the main female students.

Roughly, we might consider ‘The other perspective’ as the response of TVE to ‘girls cable‘ (in fact, it has screenwriters of those dollars), since it was concerned in large measure by the touch of this theme of the struggle of women and feminism through an era in which that debate already existed (usually, 20 years in Spain were quite “progressive”).

The problem is more in how it deals with the subject. the ‘The other look’ the subtext is evidenced until the pain, as if to say that the time to be subtle in dealing with this has been exhausted. Is not that they are too explicit to show certain scenes, but are concerned that virtually all dialogue to be his intention and his claim.

All this is accentuated in a certain way with the component series teen. The girls are in full adolescence and go on the hunt for the groom, which also allows you to give another turn to the clash, generation: what is considered a relationship, “convenient”, they want the parents and what they want to them.

Another Look Chapter 8 C Michael Oats 1

it Will be precisely the aforementioned Roberta, the protagonist of one of the arches of ‘The other perspective’: its violation by Rafita Peralta (José Pastor), son of one of the major entrepreneurs of Seville. This situation will put the limit to the whole Academy and parents and other figures of the Seville of the time.

The curious thing about ‘The other perspective’ is that it is a series you see coming from far away. On the one hand it is very evident, and their episodes off fable and moral on all four sides, but on the other, is made in such a way that you’d be looking at for hours.

Another Look

And this is achievement of Josep Cister and Jaime Cow, the main responsible for the script of the series, who have managed to balance throughout the episodes that morality so evident at the beginning with the story of each and every one of the protagonists of the series.

Perhaps the penalty is that we have yet to find good actresses young for the series. is usually the level of the “students” is quite poor and, bearing in mind that it is an important part of the series, subtract enough quality.

another look

That is not that ‘The other eye’ is born precisely with the ambition to be the new great series of TVE (neither this nor ‘Hounds’, which I will discuss shortly), but it gives me the feeling that this type of drama calls for a bit more in all aspects.

‘The other eye’ is a good entertainment, but I think that if it had been raised another way it might be called something more attention both to the public as of the critic. To see if TVE gives it a second season and can be polished enough.

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‘The other look’ is so evident in your message as effective in its way
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