‘The passion of the Christ’, complete series of ‘desperate housewives’ and doormat of Harry Potter in our Hunting Bargains

'the passion of The Christ', complete series of 'desperate housewives' and doormat of Harry Potter in our Hunting Bargains

Some will be counting the hours to see the new episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, but in Espinof we can’t let the end of the Sunday without going to our appointment with Hunting for Bargain, the section in which we review the best offerings in the world of film and television this week.

On this occasion, you will find, among other items, ‘the passion of The Christ’ in blu-ray, the complete series of ‘desperate housewives’, and a mat of Harry Potter. Let’s go there!

  • ‘the passion of The Christ’ on blu-ray: collector’s edition with a second disc dedicated to additional content: 12.95 euros

  • ‘Valerian and the city of a thousand planets’ in UHD: a huge failure that had its fans and now can be done with her in the that’s probably going to be the last physical format to be noted: 13.79 euros

  • ‘let’s Sing!’ on dvd: the friendly musical comedy animated has dropped to a price that is very to keep in mind: 6.95 euros

  • 2×1 in blu-rats of Eone: a great deal, the only thing that is limited to the catalog of this distributor: Pay 1, get 2

  • ‘Tadeo Jones 2: The secret of King Midas’ on blu-ray and dvd: exclusive edition for Fnac that includes the film in both formats and that is very good price: 11,99 euro

Desperate Women
  • ‘desperate housewives’, series complete on dvd: it’s time to revisit Wisteria Lane: 50,50 euros

  • ‘House’, complete series on blu-ray: the uk edition has the same content as the Spanish one and almost always goes much better the price: 58,84 €

  • ‘Sons of anarchy’ series complete on dvd: with a discount close to 40% seems an ideal occasion to be with her: 52,86 eur

  • ‘True Blood’, series complete on dvd: I never connected too much with the series -I put up which lasted Lizzy Caplan in it-but had a lot of fans: 72,45 euros

  • ‘Fringe’, series complete on dvd: it is a pity that it is not edited in high definition in Spain, so that those who want to dub don’t have any: 72,45 euros

  • Doormat of Harry Potter: Ravenclaw is not the house’s most popular series, but those who “belong” to her, sure appreciate this offer: 10 euros

  • Figure Kylo Ren: another line of dolls from Funko from their Pops, this time dedicated to the villain of the new trilogy of Star Wars: 24,99 eur

  • Cup of ‘Ant-Man’: for lovers of superhero Marvel superhero played by Paul Rudd: 5 euros

  • 30% off Funko Pops: a juicy offer in the that comes in a wide selection of dolls from Funko: 30% discount with the code BIGWEEKEND

  • Keyring Denying: accompanied by his inseparable Lucille: 4,99 euros

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‘The passion of the Christ’, complete series of ‘desperate housewives’ and doormat of Harry Potter in our Hunting Bargains
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April 21, 2019

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