The phrase best known Mei in Overwatch was a mistake

Blizzard does not repent of the "Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry".

With more than 30 million players, Overwatch is one of the intellectual properties of new creation highlights of the last few years. The multiplayer game of Blizzard is prepared to meet its first year on the market, and it does reveal a curiosity about the dubbing of one of his heroes.

voice of Mei

this Is one of the voice lines most well-known of Mei, heroine specialized in launch ice shelves, which in the original version of the game (in English) pronounces the words “Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry” to apologize in a loud voice when you make a mistake in the field of screen.

Now we know that this line of dialogue was born by a mistake of her voice actress, according to have been told by the designer Michael Chu during his speech in the Festival Tribeca. The member of Blizzard has revealed that the phrase came out of a blunder of the actress Zhang Yu.

“The actress made a mistake and said ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry’. At that moment I turned and I asked the technician if what he had heard. I told Him that I will send directly“, she explains on how she ended up the phrase that was not in the lines of dialogue officers written by the writers.

Without a doubt, a curiosity to add to the story of Overwatch game which, remember, was born from the ashes of the project that was set up as the successor of World of Warcraft, Titan.

The phrase most known of Mei in Overwatch was an error

The phrase best known Mei in Overwatch was a mistake
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May 2, 2017

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