The problems of the Nexus 6S will cost a class action lawsuit on Huawei, and Google

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not too long Ago, we talked about that LG had been brought to trial on the issues of ‘bootloop’ (or a loop of restarts, if you prefer) that had some of their terminals. Many users in forums and blogs, complained of these problems without that, apparently, the Korean manufacturer they will fix the problem.

But this time we need to focus on two companies, Google and Huawei, because they are the ones that have received a class action because, on the one hand, the above-mentioned problem of the reboots, and, on the other, a sudden battery drain that causes it to shut down unexpectedly. The law firm of Chimicles & Tikellis was responsible, through a press release, informing of this fact.

Some users complained late last year of shutdowns with sudden and ‘bootloops’ in your Nexus 6S, last week the law firm of Chimicles & Tikellis investigated the case and, on Friday, launched the class action lawsuit.

Since late last year some users are complaining that their Nexus 6S go off suddenly, even with a 60% charge. In other cases, some holders of the terminal complained of the loop of reboots. Given that neither Google nor Huawei responsabilizaban of these problems, the firm Chimicles & Tikellis launched an investigation last week the case for considering to sue the companies.

Finally, the law firm filed the class-action lawsuit last Friday in a federal court in the Eastern District of Texas. This suit alleges ten causes of action separate under various state and federal laws with respect to the collateral, and advertising. As stated in the lawsuit, the faults are generated due to incompatibilities between hardware and software.

Google, and Huawei took the appropriate measures, to the defects of the Nexus 6S

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According to the document, Google was not responsible in the majority of cases of this defect and, when it did, not only took several days or weeks, but the replacement was a phone restored with the same problem. Several of the users who filed the complaint, in addition, ensure that after several replacements, the problems persist.

in Addition to this, the document provides a point at which insinuates that there is misleading advertising when non-compliance with the term set by the product manager of Google, Sabrina Ellis, said that when a user will need to submit a claim, could have a new device in a working day. Obviously, according to the claimants, this has not been complied with.

Given that both Google and Huawei have not been able to solve satisfactorily the problems, this Friday was presented the collective complaint, so that in the coming days or weeks we will know the details on how to resolve the possible trial that would be held if there is agreement between both parties.

Are you one of the users affected by any of these problems in your Nexus 6S?

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The problems of the Nexus 6S will cost a class action lawsuit on Huawei, and Google
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