The promising trailer of ‘Countdown’ immerses us in a ‘The Ring’ to it, smartphone

Today do not need to go to sects, primeval gods, killers, masked or possessions diabolical to find the terror. In full 2019 the greatest source of anguish and horror is in our pockets and it’s called mobile phone, and responsible for ‘Countdown’, fully aware of this, have decided to take full advantage of these devices of hell.

as we can see on your appetizing trailer, ‘Countdown’ gives us a mishmash of references that will be heeling towards the supernatural terror and we could define as a sort of ‘The Ring’ for the era of the smartphone with traces of ‘final Destination’ and the body count more self-aware.

The tape tells the story of Quinn, a nurse played by Elizabeth Lali —‘You’download a application on your phone that predicts the time of death of the user. Of course, she’s only left with three days of life, and the thing does not take in desmadrarse, resulting in a festival of death, jumpscares, and races against time to try to change the destination.

‘Countdown’ will be the debut of Justin Dec on the big screen and will land us the next October 25 of the hand of STX. You do not yet have a release date in Spain, but I can’t wait to get your teeth into.  

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The promising trailer of ‘Countdown’ immerses us in a ‘The Ring’ to it, smartphone
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September 14, 2019

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