The psychological benefits of programming

The psychological benefits of programming

Beyond the versatility and increased training program brings numerous psychological benefits.

Our day it is surrounded by . technology As I write these lines, without going any further, I’m using an iPad; and my hand is my smartphone and my game console. In fact, with the exception of furniture in this room, the only thing lacking in nearby electronic systems is a moleskine and a pen I use to take short notes from college. Everything else, to a greater or lesser extent, has a number of electronic parts and software that governs its operation.

The same situation is reflected anywhere in the world. In offices, data management now passes through software controlled by computers. In schools, students increasingly use less paper and pen. And in cars, more electronic systems that control the operation of the vehicle are most prevalent. A very different paradigm we found thirty years ago.

Programming is essential to understand the world around us At the time, only a small group privileged interact with electronic devices as computers. The technology still seemed far from democratize, and words like “software”, “hardware”, “CPU” or “operating system” seemed from another planet for a high percentage of the population.

Today, for In contrast, these concepts are as common as the addition or subtraction. Everyone knows what an operating system or “hardware” of a computer. However, what is not so common is the process behind many of these so common systems. I mean, obviously, a program, a concept which, according to the SAR, is:.

Develop programs to solve problems using computers

action is the basis behind any electronic system around us. Do you use a calculator? To a greater or lesser extent, it has required the use of programming. Do you use an iPad? Obviously, all software has been created by programming. And we can cite many examples.

Given this situation, learn programming seems essential to know and understand the world today -and the future, obviously. But it’s not the only benefit is the programming. Apart from the best perspective of today’s world that gives us, the programming has numerous positive effects on health and the development of a person. Some of them are:

  • Improve attention span and concentration Programming a moderately complex software involves extra attention to every word we write in the editor. code. You must remember the names of the variables, the rules of language in which you are programming, the pattern you want to continue to make the program work … Points to consider are very numerous, so attention and concentration to develop this vital task. Numerous studies in children and adults as confirmed

  • More autonomy and greater interest in experimentation and learning. Any who start learning a programming language can, based on a minimum basis, teaching himself by experimenting, thus being more autonomous. Do I want to write a program to do “x”? According begins to try a kind of judgments, certain variables, with different algorithms, etc. The program also frees way to solve the same problem in different ways, giving free rein to experimentation and creativity. Moreover, being an activity “multipurpose” (you can write from a game to a data management software), it is naturally increases student interest and, therefore, improves learning of it (hence that the more we want something, focus more resources on it).

  • Increased order and comprehension skills. programming in any language requires tidy at all times; or, conversely, the computer will not be able to properly understand our orders. Also, it is written in a completely different language, constantly exercising comprehension skills to translate our idea into code. Also exercise the ability to understand when an error occurs, then we need to interpret and understand the data that provides the computer on that error to identify and solve it as soon as possible.

  • Improved capacity calculation and logic. Numerous studies show that teaching children programming at an early age leads to improvements in computing power and logic two skills closely associated to the action of program. In adults, the results are obviously lower, but also generate an improvement.

As you can see, programming has many positive effects on a psychological level , but if you look beyond the domain of this also leads to greater acceptance in the labor market and greater understanding of the world around us, prized attributes in today’s society and undoubtedly will have even more value the computerized future that awaits us.

I want to learn to program, but how do I start?


Learning to program is becoming easier. Internet is full of manuals, tutorials and information. However, the first thing to ask is what we do with programming and, therefore, what language we want to learn. by GitHub (one of the largest communities of development of the world) published a graph where the evolution and popularity of different programming languages ​​in the world was shown. Here we can see how Java dominates with authority, being present in mobile phone (Android), automobiles, appliances, etc. But there are many more that remain among the most used, such as C ++, Ruby, Python, etc. Each with their strengths and their applications.

Once we decide what we want to learn language, there are many

The psychological benefits of programming
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September 26, 2015

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