The Pyraplex, build your own pyramid

The Pyraplex, build your own pyramid

The Pyraplex is a new Android game inspired by the time of the ancient pyramids and noted for charming graphic treatment reminiscent of the old classics of the 80s, a game totally pixelated retro graphics and where we build and manage our own pyramid as if it will be a big mall.

playing style and approach, The Pyraplex recalls a Maxis game SimCity family detached. The SimTower, where we had to manage a tower by placing different department stores, homes and other businesses taking advantage of the structure of a large building.

Here we will do the same, but covering different cavities of the pyramid with local and entertainment typical of the time of the ancient Egyptians, why not ask questions that are really there because is the most fun tasks discovering that visitors can do in our pyramid.

For even more madness to the proposal, the pyramids will be visited not only by lovers of the Egyptians, but also by other ancient civilizations like the Romans, Aztecs and samurai. So the graphics is so funny, the sprites of characters from different historical moments, cartoon style and the dozens of tasks and objects to go collecting and modifying to expand our pyramid make Kairosoft’s proposal for a download required simulation enthusiasts.

The game costs only € 3.80 and can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store. To play we must have Android 2.2 or higher and 4.7 MB of free space for installation.

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Download – The Pyraplex

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