The rates of mobile will not change for the Spanish in the Uk after brexit

operators in Spain Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone and MásMóvil do not provide for applying charge one from this Saturday for roaming (roaming) when using the mobile United Kingdom, despite the brexit, waiting for a possible agreement reached by the parties on the wholesale rates.

One of the traders who have already taken action on the matter has been Telephone, which has begun work with the british Government for the rate of roaming wholesale, that is to say, the rates that some operators may be charged to other, is be part of the future agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom, according to have informed sources of the Telephone.

Although The uk is already a non-eu country, is a transition period to negotiate the future link that will between the parties.

The subject of roaming what have to decide for the british Government, have commented on from Telefónica, which has no plans to a priori re-apply this charge and you want to ensure that the clients “continue to receive the service that they expect and need when you the Uk to leave the EU”.

on June 15, 2017 entered into force in the countries of the European Union (EU), the new law that eliminates the extra costs for using your mobile in roaming in different member States to the originating user. In fact, Brussels has vowed to monitor any possible rise of national rates.

During these two and a half years, this agreement has been maintained and a call from London cost exactly the same as another from Lion. It was the same with the messages and the data, in an initiative that was passed in to be called a “Roam like at home, RLAH” (travel at home). Starting this Saturday, the rates remain the same and at least short-term no changes are planned, have confirmed the four operators.

Orange has assured that maintains its current policy for pricing in reference to the Spanish clients travelling to the Uk; Vodafone has stated that the conditions of the roaming this country is not going to be affected by its exit from the EU and MásMóvil has been pronounced in the same terms, all of them short-term waiting of the agreements that are reached.

The question is if you will keep or not fees that you will be charged some companies to others, which in June of 2017 were set at 32 cents per minute for calls and 1 cent for the messages, in the sense of if they will remain in the future or not.

data for a progressive reduction: 7,7 euro per gigabyte from 15 June 2017; 6 euro from 1 January 2018; 4,5 euros in 2019; 3.5 euros in 2020; € 3 in 2021 and 2.5 euros in 2022.

These rates are not have changed time, according to have confirmed sources of multiple operators, and this Saturday, February 1, will remain in force.

Since 2007, the European Commission was struggling to reduce the prices for roaming that were paid for by the consumers and, in 2013, this body proposed the regulations to put an end to surcharges for roaming to the people travelling regularly in the EU.

In October 2015, the European Parliament and the Council have agreed that this regulation should enter into force as of June 15, 2017 and so it was, according to sources from the European Commission.

In fact, before June 15, 2017, the majority of the mobile phone companies operating in the european market, were ahead of the deadline, with the exception of companies such as Telefónica or the Italian Tim, who hurried up to the same day.

last November, the European Commission published a first review the market for data roaming, and came to the conclusion that the use of mobile phones has multiplied by ten since its implementation relative to the year prior to the abolition of the roaming.

“the roaming market of the European Union (EU) is working well. The domestic prices of mobile telephony services have been reduced globally across the EU”, underlined then the european commissioner for Digital Society and Economy, Mariya Gabriel.

The price limits were scheduled to continue reducing at least up to 2022. The question will be if this will affect the Uk too.

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The rates of mobile will not change for the Spanish in the Uk after brexit
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February 1, 2020

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