The Red Magic 2 of Nubia will be added to the train of the 10GB of RAM

Network Magic 2 of Nubia will be added to the train of the 10GB of RAM

We are in these times seeing a new leap in the capacity of the RAM of the mobile phones. One that may mark the next year, drawing the aspect that will have mobile phones more expensive, and also more powerful, a good part of the brands that flood the market. Some manufacturers flagships rushing even generations with 4GB of RAM, but the 10GB are already here.

The first bet, and also has second, it was of Xiaomi. The Black Shark Helo, the second generation of its mobile ‘gaming’, debuted only a couple of days with 10GB on board. Today it has the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in its most powerful version, and a third phone wants to be part of the podium. Another mobile ‘gaming’, this time out of the factories of Nubia.

The Network Magic 2, whose manufacturer has already slipped into the form of a teaser.

Snapdragon 845, 10GB of RAM and 4D Gaming Enhancement

Redmagic 2

The first edition of Network Magic, the brand created by Nubia to move the market their mobile phones for more advanced players, not had a lot of travel. Not, at least, outside of China, because the phone did not cross their borders and to be with him had to go to the dreaded import, transport, tariffs and defect warranty associated.

The second is coming along, as also did that of Xiaomi, and has been the manufacturer that has managed to slip a couple of features to the media. One of them, that carries the already well amortized Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm, with its GPU Adreno 630, and its chip for artificial intelligence. Another has to do with the RAM.

we Still don’t know if as a base or as a top choice, but Nubia has already said that the Red Magic 2 will have 10GB of RAM. is A new phone with 10GB on the market, the third if we have the presentations, and which also offers 3D surround sound, which will mean that we will have stereo speakers. Another advertised feature is something that Nubia called “4D gaming enhancement”, and that could well be another new overclockin in the sector.

there Is little left to learn about the Nubian X with two manufacturer’s screens east, will be October 31 and that may be the date chosen for the Nubian Network Magic 2 is up also to the stage. We will see if we will meet soon with the new model ‘gaming’ of the constructor to the chinese, and what other features brings it under the arm to fight against an increasingly large competition.

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The Red Magic 2 of Nubia will be added to the train of the 10GB of RAM
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October 25, 2018

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