The refreshing humor intelligent Master of None

The refreshing humor intelligent Master of None

People of the world, look Master of None, is the best comedies I’ve ever seen. Thank you.

I could not let go of the year and have outstanding one of the 2015 Netflix releases . Since the range of quality of what they produce is incredibly high, it is not difficult to imagine that the comedy author Aziz Ansari would be a good plate of entertainment. I’m not a fan of standup comedy they love in the United States, so he had never seen anything Ansari, who had done a show with Netflix earlier. I had no idea it was such a good actor, and also created, wrote and produciera this series is truly phenomenal.

Master of None is a comedy unlike any you’ve ever seen . While Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Grace & Frankie are the best that Netflix produced this year, Aziz comedy stands at educational, diverse and current is to seem to do without much effort.

You laugh and you think

master of none

Master of None is the antithesis of the classic American comedy, that where the jokes are sexist, racist and offensive to half the world. . Cheap humor Sheen Charlies where the world can play the role of themselves, unpleasant mood that many of us we just like

Master of None is closer to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver than any other sitcom . It is proof that you can make good comedy, not only being healthy and having good taste as the case of Modern Family, but also doing social criticism .

Ansari and company the luxury of trying to raise awareness about all sorts of problems: racism, sexism, treatment of the elderly, immigration, generational problem, not wanting to have children, etc. I can hardly believe it as real slap in the face of so many cultural problems not only US but around the world in half a season of episodes of 30 minutes, the rest of television prefers to ignore. While he or she does not die of laughter, and enjoy characters who are easy to love, almost lovable, it is almost unbelievable.

Miscellaneous effortlessly

 master of none

Master of None is also refreshing not only for its intelligent humor, but for his portrayal of real-world , that where not everyone is white. I am eternal fan of Friends , but you can not deny that Aisha Tyler as the series is the only black person in New York. In the real world we are of different races, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientation, views, political ideas, cats or dogs … In the series of Ansari not only the Hindu is the protagonist and not the friend nerd, the turbaned driver or the seller of the supermarket, but that is surrounded by other children of immigrants, African Americans, gay people, women, and white people.

It is a series where minorities are better represented than other people. It is simply a breath of fresh air in an environment that insists that there can be different people in front of the show, or at least no more than one or two.

And, last of all, Master of None is good television is entertainment at its best, is a comedy that makes you laugh without stopping, and also the trouble to include a reflection on every joke is taken. It is certainly the best of the year, and recommend here to the moon.


The refreshing humor intelligent Master of None
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December 14, 2015

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