The retro RomancinG SaGa Re;the univerSe is already available on Android with its turn-based combat and RPG

Today has been the global launch of the new RomancinG SaGa Re;univerSe of Square Enix and comes with a lot of force to show the new players what were the role-playing games makes&years. A títitle of popularity with many héroes by unlock and with that pixel art is eye-catching that makes the honors to provide the best of the dishes.

A free game in which takes us to an impending apocalypse and that, although stillía no está en espa&bath;ol, have background a story of those that tends to attract a lot. We form the best teams to face up to the Sinistrals, and try to get the peace back to our world. We’re going to do this.

The fusi’n of old and new

Romancing SAGA reuniverse

RomancinG SaGa Re: univerSe arrives with the objective to display c’mo were the RPG retro with these píxeles héroes without forgetting what a game is freemium to d’today. That is to say, that it is able to satisfy a wide range of players looking for those píxeles and nor do they care to see ads to receive rewards, and más.

One of its major values is the large amount of héroes that we may be getting, and c’mo the special abilities are improved by using them. Aquí that, although we have the option’n automática of the game, from the manual we can put the emphasis on certain skills that we want to strengthen our team of héroes.

The combat is turn-based and we will have a series of rounds in each mission’n that we try to complete. As not, it is a game RomancinG SaGa Re;univerSe full of them, and are the initial basis for the rest of the aspects orbit around them. Currently está in Englishés, así that the story remains a mystery for he who does not know this language.

A not pay-to-win is RomancinG SaGa Re;univerSe

Romancing SAGA reuniverse

Square Enix boasts that we are not facing a pay-to-win, although not with that great store of objects not sé qué están talking about. There will beíto play más to make sure that it is not así, since in this type of games, it is difícil does not meet up with alg&number;n is element very related to what is pay to win.

RomancinG SaGa Re: univerSe does not have what to beíto a map, or development of exploraci’re. Everything is based on missions and this series of illustrations of us immersed in the story. From the main screen we have access to our castle or house and from the same we can manage all the elements such as equipment, rewards and the missions.

Quizás we fail this same. That we do not have the feeling’ll explore nothing. While in other games, although más pulling to MMORPGs, sí we can stay comfortable with the exploraci’n. Anyway, RomancinG SaGa Re: the univerSe is not complicated and it’s going to how that goes.

Deployment tétechnical, audio and visual excellent

Romancing SAGA reuniverse

While we expect that update in espa&bath;ol alg&number;n time, RomancinG SaGa Re;the univerSe comes with everything that you may expect from a game in which you must collect a good mont’n héroes and in which the turn-based combat is everything to be progressing properly. Still, Square Enix is very clear that irá updating with new content.

Visually has a retro look very striking and well defined to make use of those screens, 2K. The same thing happens in the sound level with a soundtrack of those catchy and with a development tétechnical in that we did not find any hits. There are No serious bugs or slowdowns, así that all indications are that we should enjoy playing.

RomancinG SaGa Re: univerSe está available free of charge from the Google Play Store. If you are looking for a retro RPG with many quests, many characters, and a development of skills sec&number;n the use, it is a game that leaves you wanting to ráquickly.

Opini’re in the editor

Many héroes, poor grágraphics, many missions and all free for you to enjoy.

Puntuaci’n: 7

The best

  • Good soundtrack
  • a Lot of content and missions
  • Great touch in the design&bathrooms;or characters and illustrations

The worst

  • No está en espa&bath;ol
  • You are missing a map or something to know the progress

Download Application’n

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The retro RomancinG SaGa Re;the univerSe is already available on Android with its turn-based combat and RPG
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June 25, 2020

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