The Return of the Hand Flip Phone Samsung

Galaxy-folder-SHV-E400s We could talk about the evolution in the design of smartphones and we would probably for more than one item. And in just 10 years we have been living a technological revolution in terms of specifications, capabilities and terminal design. An explosion of a business that was taking off in this country in the late 90’s and still very much alive today.

In this amazing and vast array of terminals that we have seen, and many of they have passed through our hands, there was a time which popularized a phone type with a very concrete , and was “thinning” and end with the entry of touch screens has been totally removed. Flipphones speak of, also commonly known as mobile shell or cover.

A tendency as I said, that has slowly been disappearing from the European market for the benefit of smartphones with large touch screens with resolutions brutal. But Samsung, in its relentless intention to exhaust all possibilities of having terminals in each and every one of the possible arrangements, seems to be preparing the release of two terminals of these features. Asian brand is no stranger to the popularity of such terminals in some countries and making a firm commitment to the so-called Samsung Galaxy Folder.

Galaxy-folder-SHV-E400s-front Although it is a leak, both its appearance and its technical features promise to be interesting. It is rumored that the Galaxy Folder come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400 at 1.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and 1820 mAh battery . The screen size would be 3.5 inches with a resolution of 800 × 480. Inside would Jelly Bean Android 4.2.2. A terminal quite prepared though with Flip design may seem something “orthopedic”.

At the moment when a leak is not known 100% the end of the terminal market, although it seems that it looks like it will in Asian countries, where the cover design has not yet disappeared. Although you never know, might be back in fashion. Are we too focused on big screens or accommodates a terminal type that?

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The Return of the Hand Flip Phone Samsung
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August 5, 2013

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