The reward millionaire Google for finding a fault in Android

Since 2015, Google to reward those people outside your company and are able to detect any vulnerability in Android. Thus, through its program of Rewards Android Security (called ASR, for its acronym in English), the company has launched a new reward: will pay up to a million dollars to anyone who finds a bug specific to your operating system.As has been reported through the official blog and collects Andro4All, it is to carry out a exploit of remote code execution of full chain with a persistence that can affect the chip Titan M, integrated into the phones of Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4, its latest model.This rewards program, as explained from Google, “covers errors in the code that runs” on these devices, including bugs in the code AOSP, code OEM (libraries and drivers), the kernel, the code of a secure element operating system and TrustZone.In the same way, Google will offer a extra reward for those who find and report a string of exploits complete —multiple vulnerabilities chained together, as they explain— that proves “the ejecuticón of arbitrary code, filtering data or a bypass on the lock screen”.In addition, or not to receive the full amount of the reward from Google will depend on detail to be offered to the company.
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The reward millionaire Google for finding a fault in Android
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December 1, 2019

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