The “Robo Taxi” is the new project from Google

 Google 05 Taxi Robbery is the new project of Google Google has been working with some car manufacturers delivering software and as has been quietly designing and developing a car that drives all alone.

In recent months, Google has been keeping talks with several large retailers to build new cars Google specifications. Much the same as we have seen with Nexus series and the various companies that have created the Nexus 7 or Nexus 4, which are none other than LG and Asus, two giants of technology.

This move by Google comes after trying to one of the largest car manufacturers incorporate its technology into their cars, with a negative response from you.

The idea would focus on creating a fully autonomous car that would serve to “Taxi robbery”, carrying passengers where they want as it does ordinary taxi.

Currently Google has not officially responded to this new project, which I cite information now, seems to be slowly taking shape.

companies with which it has been talking to manufacture a car under the direction of Google have been Continental AG and Magna International . Verily this past Thursday, a German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, reported that Google was close to signing an agreement with Continental, one of the world’s largest suppliers of car components, to create a car with autonomous driving system.

Google 04 Taxi Robbery is the new project of Google

The future is almost here

left;”> In manufacturing a car today, you should know that most of the components that form are created by a wide range of suppliers low cost , while the software and applications are what really are growing in importance.

Google does not have the facilities or knowledge to currently manufacture its own fleet of cars if I have some experience, but on the other hand, has been developing components such as a laser that generates all that physically surrounds the car and can be analyzed by the software of Google.

Google 03 Taxi Robbery is the new project of Google

Toyota Prius modified to function as a vehicle autoconducido

left;”> The bet for this project to be carried out, must pass by agreement with a partner that has high experience, and as rumored, the company is looking to partner with some famous car manufacturer.

Here the example to follow is the work done together with several companies in the creation of the Nexus series with different mobile devices. The company “X” would be responsible for construction and Google to give the right direction in regards to automation, software and applications. Although according to people close to Google, do not believe that there is a company of the really important, who want to create a fully autonomous car.

The example can be seen in Dieter Zetsche, chief executive of Daimler AG, owner of Mercedes Benz, which at a recent event said his company wants to automate certain elements bored of driving, such as when you’re stopped in traffic, but never automatizarían verily the one driving the car.

The new Mercedes S-Class of 2014, can reduce and speed depending on the movements of the car that is in front, and has power steering keeps the car on the center of the track.

Google Robo Taxi 01 is the new project of Google

Larry Page Google wants a fully automated car

Google believes this automation system would reduce the need for people to have a car and reduce accidents. One of the handicaps that are now, is the high price of manufacturing as the Toyotas with cameras, sensors, radar and special software Google reach the $ 150,000 each, yet Google has been able to reduce this high cost .

Financial risks of project is located on Google X, the lab near the main headquarters . According to Larry Page, Google X is focused on high-risk projects or “moonshots” that could have great benefits if triumphed in the market.

Not to mention regulations and political issue that would lead to the emergence of fully automated car. A long way left for this project of Google framed within the X and certainly falls into something futuristic for future years and it shows, that the line that forms the horizon is endless Google .

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The “Robo Taxi” is the new project from Google
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August 25, 2013

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