The robots are less threatening when they work with a slight delay

Of agreement, we accept the robots; but they are more a little slower us. Otherwise frightens us. Is suggesting a research carried out by Disney Research, carried out because the company of Mickey mouse wants to the robots that they have in their theme parks to interact more with visitors.The study has observed that increase in about a second the reaction time of a robot at the time of grasp, or to exchange objects with a human being makes feel people more calm, because they look at it as a more natural and non-threatening.Disney has seen the coexistence between robots and human is cold. People often perceive the movements as unnatural and threatening, as, for example, a robot will remove its input from the hands without the person you expect them to.Therefore, the multinational entertainment has studied the speed at which you have to go to the robotic arm so that humans do not feel threatened. It has also been questioned at what point should the robot extend the arm to catch the object. On average, the human brain needs one second to react when someone gives you an object.The researchers measured the reaction of people when the robot delivers an object to three different speeds, by making use of motion sensors and mechanisms that can operate even faster than a human being.The first test of the robot arm is moved rapidly: the people claimed that this reaction was uncomfortable for them. When it was introduced a long delay of action, the users perceived the reaction of the robot as less warm -though they preferred to wait for their actions-, and the majority elected the mode in which the robot moved with a slight delay of a second.
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The robots are less threatening when they work with a slight delay
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November 11, 2019

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