The RPG Tales of Link opens location in Android

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finally we have a Tales of mobile in the West. RPG fans with Android smartphone and you can download the old Tales of Link , released in 2014 in Japan by Bandai Namco but encapsulated so far. Besides the title it is free-to-play with integrated shopping.

There is a turn-based role-playing game to use. The development team devised a game system and a style of lighter, faster and adapted to the screen tácil stimulate their use short games combat. The mere fact that smartphone batteries last as a viable last recently traditional title of the genre.

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The base is in form a combat team from new heroes, which can add more than 50 popular characters from other installments as Yuri, Ashbel or Milla . As they will combat cattle are joining fellow fighters with different abilities and a wider range of power, measured in number of stars. Its creators say that there are more than 360,000 possible combinations.

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in games there are two types of situations, the phases of conversation, in which the characters are talking to tell this new story without animation but with dubbing. The location is only partial title. The most important thing is that natively has come to all Google Play, but only translated into English and voices have remained in Japanese.

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And then the phases of combat. Your nine warriors are placed on one side of the screen, facing the enemy. Each has a color below, so that must unite those who are the same for stronger combos and finishing moves . The result of the attack changes depending on the order of the row.

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as for the plot, so Namco Bandai describes: ” Tales of Link is set in a world protected by the “seal of the Holy Sanctuary.” But that label that unites the world with the celestial kingdom breaks spur of the moment and breaks the “Seed of Ruin”, which releases demons all over the world. These demons bring it myriad inevitable disasters and threaten to bring war and suffering to the world. the duty of the player will be to stop them. the players will enter on an epic journey to destroy all the demons in the world and stop them from destroying heaven and earth. “

Unlike other releases of the Japanese giant, Tales of Link itself is free-to-play and seems to be possible to finish without spending anything. Purchases are focused on acquiring rare and special costumes for the characters, a custom that extends see how these games. .

If you want to try, the tab is your link

Tales of link

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The RPG Tales of Link opens location in Android
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April 8, 2016

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