The safety of connected cars is key to IBM and G & D

The safety of connected cars is key to IBM and G & D

Giesecke & amp; Devrient (G & D) and IBM have reported that they are already working on a security system, specific for cars online you will see in the coming years, based on cryptography

We have seen. many cases of cars that can be hacked outside the vehicle by people taking the control over it to change some settings such as steering, throttle or onboard computer functions. They are still more projects developed specifically for put the safety of autonomous cars in check even when not even have come to the roads. But it is important that we talk about it and that security companies working in this field.

Giesecke & Devrient (G & D) and IBM announced that they will work in the development of a security system to Internet-connected cars that based its operations in cryptographic technology.

Objective placed on ensuring the safety and privacy of data.

This new platform uses A chip and a key that will use all the car’s systems to communicate with each other and the Internet. So, as the two partners in this venture by the security, say it will be very difficult to intervene a connected car remotely to shield communications between applications within the car and outside .

The technology presented G & D and IBM at last year’s Frankfurt Motor uses a combination of hardware and software to store inside the vehicle (on a tamper zone) and cryptographic key management to manage the different identities and to grant Vehicle access to authorized users.

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Associated with this hardware and software, the two companies will Add a intelligent security system , internal and remote, to monitor abnormal vehicle applications and improve the detection of attacks. All equipped with this system cars have a management module subscriptions to SIM cards to send data securely.

Not so soon to talk about the car connected as manufacturers and associations begin to date the first year without fatalities in cars marketed from 2020 . And to achieve this goal we have to rely on cars talk to each other so that the future autonomous driving has a decent foundation on which to build their promises. We still have no date of implementation of this technology in the first test vehicles, but it seems that in a few years we will know more of this type of technology


The safety of connected cars is key to IBM and G & D
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September 24, 2015

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