The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 begins to be updated to Android 9 Foot of way official

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 begins to be updated to Android 9 Foot of way official

At the end of last year, Samsung Turkey I published a calendar with the exact date in which the devices the firm would be upgrading to Android 9 Foot, and fulfilled it to the letter. December 24, launched One IU for Galaxy S9 and S9+; on the 4th of January, 11 days before the date previously established, it did the same thing to the Note 9, and now it is the turn of Note 8, you should receive the update by the 15th of February and, indeed, it has been.

From Sammobile confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Bulgaria and Slovakia have already begun to receive the new version of the Android operating system in the form of a FOOTNOTE. It’s funny, because none of the two countries are part of the beta program. If we look at the chronology of the Note 9, the deployment began on January 4 and to Spain arrived on the 17th of January, so it is expected that you arrive to all the countries over the next days.

security Patch from February and One UI under the arm

Android-9 Foot-Note 8

The firmware version is the N950FXXU5DSB2 and includes the security patch February 2019, which is the same that is available in the latest beta of Android 9 Foot for the Note 8. According to Sammobile, although it has been deployed officially in the two countries mentioned above, the users that are part of the beta program should also be able to access it from the device settings.

The size of the update is 571,73 MB, that is because the Note 8 has appeared with the beta version.

The full update should be around 1,500-1700 MB, so that it would be advisable to connect to the WiFi network before downloading it to not end up with the data rate.

The launch is being carried out in a staggered way, so that will have to wait a little longer for it to arrive to all countries

In terms of the novelties, in addition to the security patch February,

we have One UI, the new interface from Samsung that it comes to replace Samsung Experiencie 9.5. This stands for implement dark mode and to improve the use of the terminal with a single hand by placing all accesses to important in the bottom half of the screen. For the moment, the Samsung website has not been updated with the complete changelog.

Finally, remember that this is a release that is staggered. The update will come to all the countries gradually and will first be made to the free mobile. If your Note 8 has been purchased with the operator, it may take a little longer to receive it. The following devices in the list are the Galaxy S8 and S8+, who go by the fourth beta, and should be a matter of time, that they might receive the stable version.

Via | Sammobile

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 begins to be updated to Android 9 Foot of way official
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February 15, 2019

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