The Samsung Galaxy Note and can be charged wirelessly

 Galaxy Note 4 Qi The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 already has wireless charging officially.

Like other Samsung flagship devices in previous years, the Galaxy Note 4 capitalizes of Qi wireless charging technology, through a accessory enclosure which allow the user to charge your device without this is directly connected to an outlet

The rear carcasaa with Qi technology will be available in two versions: normal, and one with a front cover S-View.


As we can see from the pictures, the carcasses have with a design that preserve the style leatherette carrying the Galaxy Note 4 in the back, although those using the accessory logically have to sacrifice the thickness as it is almost doubling the margin of the original device.

Android Central who could already taste the cases, the price of these is $ 29.95 and $ 59.95 US dollars respectively, although the wireless charger sold separately and this will need to be connected to the cable, so for now this system loading still be something really worthwhile.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note and can be charged wirelessly
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