The season premiere boring fear the walking dead

The season premiere boring fear the walking dead

Fear The Walking Dead returns for a second season of six episodes. Let’s see if something happened.

fear the walking dead , the spinoff of the most successful AMC series based on the world of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, has returned Sunday with his second season. And unfortunately still in a very low quality standard, especially compared to a sixth season of The Walking Dead which no one could stop talking despite the controversy of his final episode.

fans of post-apocalyptic world where human society has to struggle to stand somehow despite extraordinary circumstances of chaos, violence and death in which they are immersed, will hardly miss the opportunity to enjoy even more content related to that premise. After all, fear the walking dead even that a young series , with the first season of only six episodes, and many will have patience to see if finish booting and set entirely to their characters. However, it remains bland and irritating protagonists are not in a good way.

A slow episode of The Walking Dead is most interesting moments all fear the walking dead so far. Each chapter seems to end with the promise that something will happen in the next, and again, nothing happens .

A world on fire

fear the walking dead

The first episode of the second season starts in the middle of a night do not know how chaos began, although it is easy to get the idea. No longer feel a bit stupid considering the complete state of deserted calm of this area in the last hours of the end of last season, and again you get thinking about how slow these people for everything, even to get on a boat.

the world is literally falling apart, but these people do not seem to feel fear or panic, but little anxiety that gives you late for a meeting. They are not up to the circumstances, and not because they have to Rambo (Carol) between them, but because they seem to feel the real impact of what is happening in the world. You see and feel you do not deserve to survive, nor explain how you have survived, or why. It is not hard to wonder what the hell continue watching the series, but it is difficult to feel the urge to give it another chance, because maybe better, maybe …

A drowning

 fear the walking dead

This is Sparta! Pfffft

In the action scenes in which the characters have water in the neck and must make quick decisions and go into survival mode, the protagonists of fear the walking dead They seem to be in a state of permanent shock or just being idiots. As a viewer I have not been able to empathize with them and the difficulties faced, because they simply do not transmit anything big, stupid watch them make decisions one after the other is more frustrating than entertaining. Perhaps the actors are, or perhaps are you poor dialogues have written them, perhaps the direction, or perhaps all, but fear the walking dead is boring and characters are irritating .

they are fleeing a horde of zombies in the dark of the night and have time to mourn a cadaver before sunset, then take it as if she weighed less than a feather, playing with the boat, to finish by throw sea ​​teenager in a fit of anger after so much ridiculousness. Have made a joke of “significant” death first apparent history .

At times it seems that the episode is to see Strand as a villain in power and you can really understand it is that it is the only one with common sense and a few working neurons in your brain. It remains for me the only interesting character. Now we just wait to see if the end and with 12 episodes in this series something happens.


The season premiere boring fear the walking dead
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April 12, 2016

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