The self-destructive and suicidal challenge of the ‘Blue Whale’ is afraid of Brazil


  • suicide Attempts recorded among teenagers in the last few weeks all over the country have turned on all the alarms, including parents, police, psychologists.
  • it Is a challenge that arrives through social networks or groups of messaging that urges to fulfill 50 challenges, increasingly more aggressive, the latter of which is suicide.


Known for being the largest animal in the world, the blue whale is a mammalian pacific whose name begins to cause terror in the brazilian families with adolescents. The brazilian Police investigates a series of deaths of teens and several attempts of suicide, attributed to a game of fashion on the internet and have made to jump all the alarms.

Similar to a role-playing game, the Blue Whale suggested to the participants of fifty challenges to meet: suicide is the last in the list, which ends the game.

the origin of The game is not clear, but it points to that would have been born in Russia a couple of years ago through false news, which, when expanded by the social networks, they ended up making it viral. Teens receive messages on your phone, or on profiles of Facebook to join closed groups and be able to participate in the game.

The leaders or “curators” as they are called coordinators, tend to be teens with fake profiles or people living in other countries, without any relationship with the participants, and send the messages with testing at 04.20 hours of the morning (local time).

Among the challenges to be overcome, there are some as simple as draw a whale in a role other than aggressive nature how to cut the lips or made a hole in the hand, to others who proposed to tattoo a whale on the arm or spend 24 hours without sleep watching horror movies. Participants must send proof graphics that have been made and complied with the tests.

The first fatal cases in Brazil were in the state of Paraíba (northeast), where at least two young men died allegedly while participating in one of the tests of the game.

Later, there was another death of a girl of 16 years in Vila Rica, in the state of Mato Grosso (center-west of the country) died from drowning in a lake, and whose body was found with cuts on the arms, one of the usual tests required by the game.

In the same city, after learning of the death, a mother reported to the Police for reporting that your daughter also had cuts in the body and suspected that he was following the orders of the group.

After declaring to the Police, the girl admitted that she was already in the 48th of the 50 trials of the game. The last, it would be suicide.

In the state of Minas Gerais (southeast), police investigate two suicides of adolescents, no connection to each other, are suspected of participating in the game.

Other attempts of suicide recorded among teenagers in the last few weeks across the country have turned on all the alarms, between parents, police, psychologists and the own schools or institutes.

In Curitiba (regional capital of Paraná, south) have been registered with eight suicide attempts among teens in the last week, linked supposedly to the game, which led to the mayor of the city, Rafael Greca, to disclose a video to alert all the people about the “Blue Whale”.

In the municipality of Ipanema, in Minas Gerais, spread the panic between the parents, after spread by Whatsapp a message from a young man that supposedly participates in the game in which he asked forgiveness for accepting the test of giving sweets poisoning students from three different schools in the municipality.

In Sao Paulo, the week before, a couple of young boyfriends took his own life in the room of a luxurious hotel and his family, although not mentioned by the game of the whale, indicated that both spent hours on the internet and frequented web sites and literature related to the suicide.

Some families have reported that after discovering that their children were playing at the Blue Whale and to prevent that they would continue to do so, received threats on mobile phone, or in the social networks.

For the moment, the authorities and the experts to advise parents to be attentive to the attitudes of the children and alert to strange behaviors.

The Police, for the time being, investigates the origin of the message and try to discover if the dozens of attempts of suicides are, as it seems, the last test of this macabre game.


The self-destructive and suicidal challenge of the ‘Blue Whale’ is afraid of Brazil
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April 21, 2017

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