The shops of Latin America collect a high price for a Nintendo Switch

The trend of high prices of the industry in these countries.

After the recent emergence of Nintendo Switch in the mexican version of Amazon with a price of 9.449 pesos (approximately 425 euros), and other stores in surrounding countries have ideo defining the price expected for the console.

we Review the sales information of several Latin american countries below. In many cases, we have found with store prices import substantially higher than those that might be expected for a product with official distribution, even if we take into account that it is very common that the price of electronics is higher in these markets due to high taxes, tariffs, customs, and a market distribution is not always official, or endorsed by the company. In fact, the grey market is relatively common (flow of goods outside of the official channels of companies) in many countries, but that can raise the final price.

Well, in Chile the console round in stores the 349.990 chilean pesos, that is to say, about 505 euros to change and are slated to receive it, as in the US, the 3 of march.

In the case of Argentina, multiple stores have opted not to specify a price still e indicate that do not have data relating to the date or price. But, as a reference, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild listed by 1699,99 argentine pesos, that is to say, about 95 euros. The price is usual shops.

In Colombia the console may book for the 1.699.000 colombian pesos, that is to say, about 552 euros.

In countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay or Ecuador has been common for several of the specialty stores with greater presence in the red you do not have yet in your catalog to the console of Nintendo.

In any case, the trend of the market shows a price far above that paid for the european users, u.s., canadian, japanese (and other asian markets). This, however, is a common problem of the video game market in Latin America and other areas of the technology sector that make this type of entertainment has a lot more expensive for the user.

The shops of Latin America collect a high price for a Nintendo Switch
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February 4, 2017

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