The shortage of memory chips affects the manufacturing of Nintendo Swittch

There is a stiff competition between companies to get components.

The shortage of NAND memory available in the market is one of the problems that you are facing Nintendo in order to increase the manufacturing of Nintendo consoles Switch. This component, which is used in a multitude of electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets, it is also part of the design of the Nintendo console Switch.

In these times, the major companies of electronics are competing in a tough battle price to get the component suppliers give them preference in their requests. Between these manufacturers, in addition to Nintendo, are companies such as Apple, which is one of the largest buyers of this type of components of the world. Nintendo Switch employs a NAND memory of 32GB to store your data.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, there are “a global scarcity of components used in smart phones, computers and other digital devices“. Among these components are affected by shortages are “chips mmoria NAND, liquid crystal displays, and small engines” of type LRA (linear resonant actuators). Both the screens as the NAND memory, and these motors (for vibration HD of the controls of the console) are employed in Nintendo Switch, but it seems that the more troubled at this moment is the NAND memory.

according to the newspaper, “analysts considered that the competitors for these components can offer better terms than Nintendo. Manufacturers of servers for data centers tend to buy components for new and greater profit margins, while the mobile manufacturers tend to buy larger quantities than Nintendo”.

Nintendo would be trying to increase the manufacturing capacity of Nintendo Switch up to 18 million a year (other sources have set your goal 20 million), as I have, but I would not want to raise too much the price you pay for these components to avoid having to take losses on the console.

The shortage of memory chips affects the manufacturing of Nintendo Swittch
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June 4, 2017

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