The SmartWatch as co-pilot on the road

SmartWatch as co-pilot on the road

We are experiencing the birth of the SmartWatch and weareables, and many obvious uses not begin to prove.

The SmartWatch have many of possibilities that we start now to discover due to the youth of the product. Not only they mirror notifications about what happens on your smartphone, thanks to its sensors and its screen always in sight security is a good field on which to advance and application development.

As an example, the application Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd., and Mutua Madrileña have developed in collaboration for Samsung Gear S. SmartWatch application, called “Mutual Co-Pilot” uses sensors to alert the driver to potential risk situations while driving.

This “you learn” driving habits as their position, movements, routines and even heart rate. Thanks to sensors and real-time analysis of the application, the Gear S will alert the driver if it detects risk of drowsiness at the wheel, if you have a very high heart rate relative to their values ​​at rest or you have exceeded the maximum driving time recommended by the Directorate General of Traffic.

The leisure and sport are not the only most obvious and most popular uses for SmartWatch, but. The sensors usually found in them allow a wide range of possibilities still to be discovered, especially in health and safety. The heart rate and movement you can alert the user through the analysis capabilities of the smartphone, possible problems or diseases that can develop.

The technology can help millions of people. Better monitoring of patients href=””> or detect Parkinson’s, besides the heart rate and the movement, activity in the skin to meet potential diseases.

Finally, in addition to the ability of weareables, something fundamental is the convenience . Thousands of medical devices may be partially or entirely replaced by a SmartWatch and analysis application


The SmartWatch as co-pilot on the road
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June 20, 2015

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