The soap opera ‘Hannibal’, the decline of ‘True Detective’, the remake of ‘Utopia’ Edit dies and USA


The arrival of summer causes the American television news are reduced, but this time we found enough material to launch something similar a special summer edition of USA starring ‘Hannibal’, ‘True Detective’, ‘Utopia’ and ‘UnReal’ . Are you urge to see what’s new in relation to these four series?

The soap opera ‘Hannibal’

For over a month ago that no os we said nothing about the state of ‘Hannibal’, the series that NBC decided to cancel and that its leaders have tried to find another home at all costs . Since then, it was confirmed that Netflix and Amazon had decided to let it go by Bryan Fuller also going to be very busy with ‘American Gods’ and should resurrect could not guarantee when you might get with it and also the contract with the actors arrived to an end, which in itself was not a drama, as both players had already said they would be happy.

The last episode of the soap opera has taken place this week, as Hugh Dancy has accepted an offer from Hulu to join the new drama from Jason Katims ya he counted with the presence of Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan. This is not an absolute guarantee that we already take for dead ‘Hannibal’, but the chains usually require a commitment of exclusivity and that really would be the final nail in the coffin of the series.

Indeed, their audiences since moving to Saturdays remain quite disastrous, because sometimes not even achieved over a million viewers and in a very poor harvest 0.3 ratings, so looks like there is simply no interest enough for ‘Hannibal’ still alive .

The end of ‘UnReal’


This past Monday completed the first season of ‘UnReal’ una of the best series year and Lifetime can be relatively satisfied with their audiences, and in that respect it has been far from matching his well received by critics, but at least he has shown a remarkable consistency -hence that no to hesitate to renew it without waiting for the resolution-and its season finale just had three thousand spectators unless the series premiere .

The death of the remake of ‘Utopia’

A few days ago os comentábamo s that things did not look too good for the remake of ‘Utopia’ David Fincher preparing for HBO, as the chain had decided to paralyze. Well, things are over complicating while HBO gives decided kill the project by a monetary issue.

Apparently, Fincher required to have a budget of 100 million to bring up the first season of the series, a remarkable figure, especially if we consider for example that it is the same that cost Netflix do two seasons of ‘House of Cards’. In addition, the decision has been some last minute as Rooney Mara, Colm Feore, Eric McCormack, Dallas Roberts, Jason Ritter, Brandon Scott and Agyness Deyn, who would lead the cast wore one month rehearsing and this cancellation has made that they are released from their contracts.

Yes, HBO could revive the project in the future because it is they who have the American rights to the series and Fincher. Indeed, the brass chain remain confident in its potential, but remake the artistic team will take time and meanwhile other projects that motivate them more may arise …

The gradual decline of ‘True Detective ‘

True Detective

sure many of you have tired of reading that the second season of ‘True Detective’ is much worse than the first and I doubt that this will change subsequent to the issuance of its final episode tonight. However, HBO did not hesitate to draw on the letter that many people saw the show to play down such complaints , but the evolution of the audience itself should be cause for concern.

To give you an idea, the first episode of the second season debuted with 3.17 million viewers, a figure that only the season finale of the first beat with 3.52. The problem is that all the episodes that have followed have had minor least one audience to a previously and last week the thing had fallen to 2.18 million. A loss of nearly a million viewers is no small feat considering the numbers that moves ‘True Detective’.

However, the average audience remains significantly higher than in the first season, but here also comes into play public discontent still seeing a number that is much hate and could well leave sideways on a third season that has not yet been announced by the chain.

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The soap opera ‘Hannibal’, the decline of ‘True Detective’, the remake of ‘Utopia’ Edit dies and USA
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August 10, 2015

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