The solution to the fragmentation of Google’s Android is… more fragmentation


This Android operating system is fragmented, who desfragmentará? The defragmenter is the defrag good defrag will be… but the way they go it does not appear that you are going to see in the near future.

The data percentage of use of each version of Android are month after month to be disappointing. We are still waiting for the data of September, but the last August were not very promising: Marshmallow, the Android a year ago is only 18% of the devices. Nougat, the latest version, or appears in the list.

we Already know the problems and causes the fragmentation of the system, it is a theme already very trite and repeated, but Google just give us reasons to worry about even more. Your flavor of “Android” does not only depend on the version, but also of your device, and is that we now know that Nougat 7.1 will have some extra features if you have a Pixel. If not, not.

did You Google?

Know that Android Nougat 7.1 shall have the functions reserved to the devices Pixel has been something shocking, because we were accustomed to its predecessors, the Nexus, had the Android purest (at least according to the vision of Google). However, it should also not surprise us too much as it takes us from the beginning.

Anyone who has recently updated their mobile non-Nexus a Marshmallow (or Nougat, if you have a lot of luck) you may have noticed that Android is not the same for all. the layers of customization go above and often undone alleged improvements to the operating system. So, the Galaxy S7 comes without Adoptable Storage and other manufacturers include their own Quick Settings, which override the “normal”. It is, in a way, the greatness of Android.

Although we are used to Samsung, LG or Sony, to name some examples, to modify the interface of the system by removing and putting as you feel like it, when Google does the feeling is strange. In the end, it is your operating system, and have more control than anyone about what is done and how. If you have a good idea for improving Android, why limit it to your device and not to all? The feeling is the old and well-known “take things to force you to go through the ring”. More than one will lift hand to heaven and parafraseará to Julius Caesar with a “et tu, Google?”.


So, the future of Android seems to be at least as fragmented than it was until now, if not more. Lots of versions, lots of manufacturers, and even the company behind the operating system has a Nougat, distinct for your mobile Pixel and another for your old Nexus.

don’t panic, this is Android

luckily, this is Android, and the customization is the order of the day. A clear example of this is that both Nova Launcher as Action Launcher you have almost ready their clones of Pixel Launcher, to remember that, for now, is exclusive to the devices Pixel. And unless Google do something about it, nothing will stop you from catching the APK of Pixel Launcher and install them on your device. Wing, no exclusivity.


Other unique “Android Pixel” are more difficult to acquire, of course. The main one is the Wizard, which will come first to the Pixel, and later the rest. In this case, it seems that Google wants to have the wizard tied up and well tied, tested on a known hardware and controlled before giving you more diffusion. It is the same thing that I will have passed a thousand times on Android: today what you see advertised and until within a year does not, you can try out.

And yes, there are also some “exclusives” that don’t seem at all fair. It is the case of the wizard copy data from an old Android or iPhone to your new phone, the smart storage (frees up space by deleting content with a backup), the color themes or the video stabilization technology. is Not we would have imported that this would have been implemented in Nougat 7.1 for all, the truth.

In the end, will have to get used to the idea that Google is now another manufacturer that adds its own layer of customization and improvements on your own operating system. It seems strange, but maybe not so much. Like there will be a Nougat according to Samsung, also there is according to Google for your device Pixel.

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The solution to the fragmentation of Google’s Android is… more fragmentation
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