The spectacular Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden

The Oresund Bridge is one of the greatest works of modern engineering. Connects Denmark and Sweden for a stretch comprising an artificial island, a stunning suspension bridge and an undersea tunnel.

Øresund Bridge literally changed the map of Europe. This is one of the most striking buildings on the planet engineering. 15 years after its construction is a fascinating structure that connects two countries, Denmark and Sucecia in cities Copenhagen and Malmo. The origin of such a large project is attributed to the business, employment and housing needs of both countries, and the relatively short distance between them of 16 kilometers.

Construction of Great Bridge took at least 5 years of construction and a total cost of 1.5 billion dollars

Its features do not stop being surprising as has one of the largest central span bridges atirantados the world, with 490 m . The highest pillar measured 204 m. Its length is 7845 m with an approximate weight of 82 tons. Weather conditions and strong winds of the Baltic and North made this building one filled with great challenges in engineering, for example, vibration problems caused by the movement of the cables on the bridge, under certain wind conditions and temperature, he fought with the installation of dampers compression spring , installed in pairs in the center of the cables.

It was in 1995 that began construction of the connection between cities, clear that the feat would not be easy as there was multiple factors to be envisaged. To mention some maritime traffic is existing in the area, plus air traffic Copenhagen Airport . This name a couple of them of great importance, however, how are you know that buildings require creativity and genius of many people, as well as economic viability, a delicate balance .

In the alliance were involved in construction companies Skanska of Sweden, Hochtief of Germany and the Danish Højgaard & Schultz and Monberg & Thorsen. And the participation of the Spanish company Dragados Offshore , who was responsible for building the 49 boards of foolish approach of the cable-stayed bridge. The company developed these parts in Puerto Real, Cadiz and was responsible for transporting them to the right place.

Peninsula and artificial island … Ah! and a submarine tunnel

The connection between the two countries is possible that the bridge consists of several sections, each with special features and therefore challenging each. The full step comprises a artificial peninsula 430 meters on the Danish coast tunnel made Drogden concrete, with a length of 3510 meters located on the seabed of the Strait href=””> Drogden , this in order to allow airport air traffic and shipping. The tunnel is made of 20 prefabricated concrete segments, the largest in the world with 55,000 tons each, interconnected in a trench dug in the seabed. Two tubes in the tunnel take railways, roads and two fifth tube emergency. (Da click to enlarge)

The artificial island Peberholm it is connected to the tunnel and the cable-stayed bridge is 130 hectares. The island has 4.3 kilometers long and is crossed by a highway and a railway. Its name derives from its neighboring island called Saltholm naturally (salt island), Peberholm is literally “Pepper Island”. It was built with materials used in the bridge belongs to the Tårnby and Denmark. The island is uninhabited and has become a huge biological laboratory as scientists are constantly monitoring the ecological impact of the island in 2011 were registered 25 species of birds and 500 species of plants .

View of the island and the suspension bridge Peberholm


So, we can see the impressive work of modern engineering href=”” made to unite two countries that had a Total cost 1.5 billion dollars . It is estimated that by 2037 the cost of construction will be refunded. By passing through the road via the E20 which is also the railway line that passes under the suspension bridge. official opening took place on July 1, 2000 , with Queen Margrethe II, and King Carl XVI Gustaf as the host and hostess of the ceremony. Shortly before the ran Broloppet , a half marathon with the participation of 79.871 runners from around the world; This route ran from that date until 2006. Then, on the 10th anniversary of the bridge turned to hold the event.

A photo published by Øresundsbron (oresundsbron) the

At first, the influx of people crossing was not as expected, but then freshman step increased. By 2007, 25 million people traveled over the bridge: 15.2 million car and bus and train 9.6 million. Currently estimated 60,000 daily users . The price for a regular car is 39 euros, plus that important for those who constantly cross discounts.

For more information the documentary by Nathional Geographic has no equal, because it has to detail the particulars of this great work and all the challenges that project managers faced . Finally, a recommendation of the small screen is the strong Nordic TV crime series called Bron / Broen , brilliant and intelligent which starts right in the middle of the Øresund Bridge and involves colorful characters from both countries (any resemblance to the premise True href=”” Detective S02, it is not to be mere coincidence.)

Here’s a taste Nathional Geographic documentary.

The spectacular Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden

The spectacular Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden
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