The spontaneous initiative: # YoTeAcompaño

The spontaneous initiative: # YoTeAcompaño

After the previous attack of the Islamic State in Paris, decenas Muslims came out to demonstrate in the Parisian streets with the slogan “Not in my name”, manifestation that leads these lines. They did it with the will to condemn the action and transmit this refusal to the French people that he might understand the barbarity of the Islamic State was not something supported by the Muslim religion, and therefore, by all Muslims. On the contrary.

Today Saturday after attacks Paris Friday night, plan again fear a possible rejection of the Muslim community in France and Europe. It is not a trivial issue. After 11-S, Arabs and Muslims became the target of hate in America . In Spain, where the situation is relatively calm, there have been occasional outbreaks Islamophobia, especially after the attacks of March 11 in Madrid.

Now, to prevent further cases of Islamophobia, reassure the Muslim community that may be preventing further rejection, and offer real support, it has emerged spontaneously the hashtag # YoTeAcompaño to reach out to Muslims who have suffered signs of rejection or think they can suffer from them, accompanying them through the city in which they are . This idea has spread rapidly throughout the country. Although of course, it has diluted some of its intention: it is being used to display generic support, without more, without specifying a city


The spontaneous initiative: # YoTeAcompaño
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November 14, 2015

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