The State of Mexico Atenco approves the Law: what does it mean?

The State of Mexico approves Atenco law: what does

Way Cleared for police brutality at demonstrations deemed “illegal”?. Moreno just voted against.

In 2006 took place the Atenco riots, clashes between protesters and members of state and federal forces of security in the city of San Salvador Atenco. Two men died, 207 people were arrested including ten minors, and 146 arbitrary arrests were made. It was also expelled five foreign country and there were numerous protests harassment and rape 26 women. Later, the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico found that there were serious police abuse and human rights violations in these riots. The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ratified arguing that the State Security Agency and the State Government of Mexico, through its officials, committed “serious violations of individual guarantees” against protesters, citizens and journalists during the riots.

Almost ten years after that article, el State of Mexico has approved the Law entitling the state security forces and municipal interventions such harsh and disproportionate as those when it considers that a protest is illegal , including the use of firearms as a means of defense against these demonstrations, as stated in the eighth article:

“When strictly unavoidable to protect the lives of people and the element, they may intentional lethal use of firearms. Only firearms were used in own or third party defense, in case of imminent danger of death or serious injury in order to prevent the perpetration of a particularly serious crime involving grave threat to life or in order to arrest a person presenting such a danger and resisting their authority, or to prevent his escape, and in the case be insufficient less extreme measures to achieve these objectives. “

More details of the law:

“in addition to devices of electric shock, immobilizing or padlocks hand, irritants spray, and self-protective equipment, including shields, helmets, vests and transportation bulletproof. “

” at the controls and elements when you do not take all necessary and sufficient measures to make use of public force and firearms and inobserven provisions in this law, they initiate an internal investigation by the security institution to which they belong. “

Morena was the only party to vote against and through its state president, Horacio Duarte, you have already warned that he will fight to achieve inconstucionalidad decree for this law before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. According to him, it is comparable to 362 of the Criminal Code of the City of Mexico on attacks to public order article, which the Court declared unconstitutional:

“We will do all legal efforts, political , mobilization for the State of Mexico is not a repressive law which violates civil liberties imposed. “


The State of Mexico Atenco approves the Law: what does it mean?
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March 18, 2016

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