The strengths and weaknesses of OnePlus Two

The strengths and weaknesses of OnePlus Two

It’s here the new OnePlus Two, a terminal that maintains its predecessor’s high-end specifications at a lower price but is it all that glitters gold?

In the last Spanish morning the company had commanded Pete Lau OnePlus Two , its new smartphone that has followed the guidelines set by its predecessor last year. But we saw that the OnePlus One was not without problems, and although the OnePlus Two is (on paper ) a fantastic end to a very competitive price, still justify some of its shortcomings. Therefore, let’s review the good and bad of OnePlus Two , and see if it is a bargain for our portfolio or continues to fall in errors that should be corrected.


USB Type C

 Source: quickresponsecode

Source: quickresponsecode

A note before we start: although one of the improvements made to the recently introduced Android M was the native support Fast loading cargo USB 3.1 connectors Type-C, in this case Two OnePlus connector is USB 3.1, but is reversible only connector. However, it is appreciated the inclusion of such charging connectors, to go easier and accustoming users to what should be the future of connectors on handsets and on the big picture.

Best materials


With a framework and support made of a aluminum alloy , OnePlus has learned to its new terminal that materials premium is critical if you want to give the appearance of a high-end terminal. We like the covers StyleSwap that we saw in the OnePlus One, bringing mundane materials like plastic slip more exotic like bamboo, rosewood, apricot wood, and even kevlar for those looking for more resistance. In short: improved materials and construction in the OnePlus Two is more than palpable , and we can do nothing but applaud for it and hope for next year to give the final leap aluminum <. / p>

Features and software


We saw Oxygen OnePlus One OS in Android pure aesthetics and loved it. And now comes the new improved this ROM version for OnePlus Two

This may seem obvious, but it never hurts to remember to appreciate its importance. high-end SoC , 3 or 4 GB of RAM, latest version of Android with a layer of customization and nonexistent fingerprint reader, among others. We can not find all these features in almost any terminal with Android on the market today, and because of that OnePlus has sufficient grounds for recognition, in addition to useful switch to change the priority notifications . We just hope for future upgrades Oxygen OS not delayed in both periods as happened to its predecessor, because this can make them lose points in that same so they can be distinguished in the first place.


Speed ​​and Wireless charging

 The wireless charging built into the Galaxy S6 should be imposed gradually in the rest of smartphones in the industry [Source] (http.: //

The built-in wireless charging Galaxy S6 should be imposed gradually in the rest of smartphones in the industry. Fuente.

I’m not asking them. Only fast charging I would have made, rather than with the Snapdragon 810 that carries within should be able to be done without problems , but (we assume) that issues licenses as happened with the OnePlus One, not available. In fact, this lack of Quick Charge caused to the predecessor of OnePlus Two had one of the slowest load time in the ecosystem Android and, with a battery of 3300 mAh, assume that it does not will be much better.

As for wireless charging, I have to admit that not being imposed on the industry as this type of load is a whim more than anything else. However, it is undeniable comfort for the user , and here OnePlus missed a great opportunity to establish itself as a leader in defense of this new system, but we assume that probably the license fees to be available this type of technology is too high to not see the OnePlus Two penalized. . Maybe next time


Ah, the dilemma of NFC . That implementing for many years and that Android did not have any daily use, and so even Apple system and returns Android to give you a really interesting role, and comes OnePlus and removes it from OnePlus Two. A chip that almost no space and could be a significant addition for the future, especially with Android M just around the corner. You can users no I will use OnePlus people, but perhaps within a year they throw at fault.

Design little stylized

 Photo of AndroidPolice.

Stock AndroidPolice.

9.9 mm thick. Almost 1 cm thick. I am in favor of a certain thickness in some terminals to improve their management to a hand and your battery will increase slightly, but this I think frankly ridiculous terminals as Huawei Mate 7 has a battery of 4100 mAh in less than 8 mm thick . Even his own predecessor, less than 1 mm thick, and a difference of only 300 mAh. ? Do you really have to be so thick the OnePlus Two This can only be charged two things: poor planning when building it, or something intentional. And in either case I see no justification for this. Hopefully then not penalize too much handling, either one hand or both.


The strengths and weaknesses of OnePlus Two
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July 28, 2015

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