The Team Rocket blast off again at the Pokémon GO and get the Pokémon Dark

These evil criminals invade the mobile application; we will tell you how to get to the Pokémon Dark and its characteristics.

it Was a question of time: the Team Rocket has invaded the world of Pokémon GO, accompanied by their peculiar Pokémon Dark. The coaches will begin to cross the path of the Team Rocket members in each PokéParada as of today, we do not hesitate to challenge them to a fight.

In this kind of fighting, we will have to fight against three of her Pokémon. If we win, the member of Team Rocket flee, and will leave behind a Pokémon Dark, that we can “purify” after you capture it.

Pokémon Dark: who they are and their features

Thanks to the work of the dataminers, we already know what are Pokémon Dark who are confirmed and that we will be able to get after you face Team Rocket:

  • Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam
  • Absol
  • Articuno
  • Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence
  • Beldum, Metang, Metagross
  • Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel
  • Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur
  • Cacnea, Cacturne
  • Carvanha, Sharpeedo
  • Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard
  • Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape
  • Cubone, Marowak
  • Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite
  • Drowzee, Hypno
  • Electabuzz, Electivire
  • Ekans, Arbok
  • Exeggcute, Exeggutor
  • Grimer, Muk
  • Growlithe, Arcanine
  • Gligar, Gliscor
  • Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee
  • Houndour, Houndoom
  • Koffing, Weezing
  • Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar
  • Lapras
  • Machop, Machoke, Machamp
  • Magikarp, Gyarados
  • Magmar, Magmortar
  • Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone
  • Mareep, Flaffy, Ampharos
  • Mawile
  • Meowth, Persian
  • Misdreavus, Mismagius
  • Moltres
  • Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert
  • Nidoran, Nidorina, Nidoqueen
  • Nidoran, Nidorino, Nidoking
  • Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Belossom
  • Omanyte, Omastar
  • Pikachu
  • Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Politoed
  • Porygon, Porygon 2, Porygon Z
  • Psyduck, Golduck
  • Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Gallade
  • Rattata, Raticate
  • Sandshrew, Sandslash
  • Seedot, Nuzleaf, Shiftry
  • Scyther, Scizor
  • Shuckle
  • Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise
  • Sneasel, Weavile
  • Snorlax
  • Stunky, Skunktank
  • Trapinch, Vibrava, Flygon
  • Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra
  • Venonat, Venomoth
  • Vulpix, Ninetails
  • Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill
  • Wobbuffet
  • Zapdos
  • Zubat, Golbat, Crobat

The mechanics are pretty simple: one of these Pokémon Dark will be back after that the evil member of Team Rocket abandon. Coaches, then, we will have to defeat the Pokémon in question and catch him.

We will be able to purify the Pokémon Dark to obtain various advantages

once we do with the Pokemon Dark, the game will give us the option to purify it. It seems that this mechanic has as consequences that the Pokémon see increased statistics and learn a new move: Return. On the other hand, the Pokémon is purified it will also receive some advantages permanent, and an effect of animation special, along with a new icon in its tab.

do not miss even a detail, I invite you to consult our guide dedicated to Pokémon Dark, here.

Team Rocket blast off again at the Pokémon GO and get the Pokémon Dark

The Team Rocket blast off again at the Pokémon GO and get the Pokémon Dark
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July 23, 2019

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